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I have spent most of the evening asleep (according to my partner lol) and not onl that when i went to get up to go up the stairs i could hardly move lol all my muscles ache in my legs and my arms god knows how i will be in the morning i dread getting up and i am going to my daughters which is a 30 min drive and i have promised my Grandsons so i cant not go !!!!

Oh well will try to get some sleep like that is going to happen lol

I hope that you are all ok and will be on here sometime tomorrow love to you all Diddle xxxxx

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oh dear I hope you get some rest diddle ...


Best wishes diddle safe journey x


enjoy your day with your grandsons xx

as for the aches, I hear ya. getting up from the computer chair after more than 20 mins on here, is always a struggle. shifting from our new sofa is easier than it was previously. however, I often go upstairs on all fours! (well if it's good enough for my cats lol....)


Hello Diddle

I'm the same when I've slept on sofa.

If you stretch everything out ( easier said than done ) you'll feel better. If you ever watch a cat or dog when they wake up it's the first thing they do.

My left arm has been painful for months now and I forget about it when stretching so it becomes agony.

Enjoy your Grandsons - isn't it strange how once we see them we feel almost 100% better - until they leave and then back to the pain...

My two ( aged 4 & 1 ) are coming twice next week and I can't wait.

Safe journey and hugs Ren Robin xxxx


hi diddie ,

hope u feel better soon xx enjoy your grand kids safe jouneryxx


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