D.l.a dr lied

Hi all had a dla appeal dr to the house asked me some questions got me to walk to my door on both crutches then went .. I had a letter from the appeal with what he wrote and it is full of lies he told them I could walk 200-300 meters unaided and without pain he also told them my blood pressure was fine when he did not take it also told the my eye sight was perfect mmm I have a cataract it goes on and on I don't understand how after 20 minutes how he can over ride my dr podiatrist psychiatrist rumatologist . I have had it with all this crap.....huge hugggggs to all paul

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  • please do appeal against any negative decision stating the above, and state your reasons for disagreeing with the decision (eg I cannot walk 200-300 metres without pain...I can only walk xyz metres before I get pain). And try to give any medical evidence you can or give your doctor's details.

  • Good God my assessor stated almost the same as yours exceept on the walking part he stated , wait for it ..................I could walk 700 ~ 800 meters unaided and without pain, my gp was furious he said "who the heck does he think he is that's about 7 ~ 8 full length football pitches" now he knows and I know I can hardly walk the length of myself and as you lot kow the pain is always there, never leaves :( .

  • perhaps its best when these doctors call on us is to a witness there, mine lied on esa form

  • Hey Paul, Gentle hugs.

    As both responses above say, do appeal against the decision - especially one so full of fabricated lies. And always have someone with you at any appointment to do with claims for ESA and DLA and all else that claims are put in for - That way the doctors cannot try and pull the wool over the appeal panels eyes. And always - when making claims and they want to know how you manage to do things on a daily basis - give a detailed account of your WORST day never any other day that was managable.


    Carol xx

  • they must realise these "doctors" embelish the truth otherwise there would be no appeals system, these jumped up little s***ts should walk a week in our shoes, i am off to my esa appeal in august, the atos report i had is a work of fiction enid blyton couldn't have written better!!, i don't know who the atos doc was in the room with it certainly wasn't me, i always say paul, go with your gut feeling and your gut feeling i believe is probably telling you to apeal so do it!!, i know any of us going through this don't need the hassle as it's bad enough being in this pain but you have rights, for every person that doesn't appeal the "docs" get paid and the government have bullied one more person for daring to be sick, so don't take it lying down , fight for your rights and sock it to them, that doc probably saw you for barely a hour , whereas the specialists you have been back and forth to have seen you a lot more, so hang in there, and definatley appeal!!

  • it is all a farce paul anyway, when years ago i applied for dla a guy came to my house and was only there about half a hour, wrote a load of rubbish and i got a letter to say i didn't qualify ,i reapplied three months later and no-one came out to the house ,i didn't have to go for a medical and got awarded it indefinatley at the time!!! also when i was on i.c they stopped my money at one point ,i went to appeal, was in the appeal place with a doc and a solicitor, she (the doc) asked me TWO questions i was in there 10 mins and was told that day that i had won the appeal .... it is such a farce honestly.... just got to climb down off my soapbox!!!! but they infuriate me to the point of hyperventalating!!!!

  • oh my goodness how can anyone be trusted when horrendous lies like this can happen and not be questioned. I would have the whole street in the next time your assessed, with all sorts of recording equipment. Oh im so mad about this, ..let them have a week with our pain and depression. (DEPRESSION because only we who suffer can understand what its like)..and if all else fails at least we have each other ...rant over..gentle hugs xxxxx

  • Hi all thank you for your support .... That's another thing he put on the form I see no signs of depression ??? So why the hell am I taking 225mg anti depression tablets every day it's nuts try to make me out a lire I already feel like a waste of space I use to earn good money now I do nothing people don't realise what it has done to me...I never sat down I was always earning money... Anyone feel like they are at the stage of well you know what I mean.. Sory about my moning ... Gentle hugs to all Paul

  • well Gary firstly have you ever experienced depression as if you have then you will understand what it is like if not I can explain. Secondly Fibromyalgia needs a rheumatology consultant to diagnose as it affects the muscles like the pain of rheumatoid arthritis very similar pain and discomfort except on is in the bone and the other muscle, with regard to benefit application alot of people with mental health illnesses suffer from all types of conditions including schizophrenia, bi polar, severe depression and this can have an adverse effect on a sufferes mental health - do you follow and this could affect whether or not you get dla benefit at a different rate because of this like mental health people get benefit if there condition is bad enough they need some benefit help - obviously it will not apply to everyone but must be taken into account as well as you physical illness when applying for benefit help - if you think you need it - hope that helps you understand a bit more

  • DLA is an allowance for people who have difficulty living on a daily basis with any kind of severe disability. whether that means, mobility, mental health problems (depression) bi-polar, these may be invisible illnesses, but they are as real and painful and need caring for just as much as any other illness, severe depression is an illness, not just feeling down-in-the-dumps.

  • Disability Living Allowance (DLA) covers both Mental and Physical Health.

    DLA is not given for a specific condition, you don't get DLA just because you've been given a certain diagnosis you get DLA because you have specific care and/or mobility needs. DLA isn't just for those with severe problems getting from A to B, it is to help cover the additional cost of being disabled.

    I've put further information about DLA on one of your other posts: fibroaction.healthunlocked....

  • Hmmmm Well you have obviously never experienced depression in it's severity along with the despair it brings and the huge impact it has on how one lives ones life!

  • hello, i hope you saw my reply to GaryLouise below., and obviously depression is something that has never been suffered by him?her. I suppose we have to understand that they DONT understand, because they have not been there. so each to their own, but i would,nt wish it on my worst enemy. hope you feel better soon. now thats a positive statement!

  • i had the same with the dla doctor i put a complaint in about him he was pulling me about like a rag doll pushing on my pressure points. said i can walk 100meters he is having a laugh. did not know what he was doing. i have a appeal in September tribunal . i told them for ppl with fibro should have a specialist doctor but it is like they don't believe your consultant and medical reports.. [:))]

  • i think that's a bit rude .we all have fibromalgia and other health problems but when dla send a health doctor to examine ppl like me with fibromalgia we do need a specialist doctor as only a rheumatologist knows how tender we are .but i got hurt by the stupid bloke they sent he was hitting my knee and telling me there is nothing wrong with it as it give's way i had another bad fall after he had been and had an x-ray done and surprise surprise i have osteoarthritis in my knee that is why we need a doctor with that knowledge so my complaint stays against the health worker.

  • Garylouise What is your problem ????

  • There are some specified conditions/illnesses which the DWP say can only be assessed by a doctor but FM is, currently, not one of them.

    The Decision Maker (DM) at the DWP has very little or no medical knowledge yet they frequently ignore claimants' medical reports or fail to request further information from claimants' Consultants and/or GPs before making a decision. I know from 2 DLA applications that no medical information was taken into account or obtained until an appeal was made. Both my DLA awards were given after I appealed the original decision and my medical reports were finally read by the DM.

  • I saw something recently which was some training material for the ATOS HCPs on Fibromyalgia - will try and remember where it was. I recall being unimpressed by it.

    One of these days I'll remember to set up some way to make it easier to reference the things I've found so I can locate them when I need them!

  • Hi ,

    As per below, which i copied from link, the medical professionals certainly don't take any notice of it at all, i really wonder if they have read this as they seem so unaware, it's all just so mechanical with them. .

    Am not surprised, given the whole farce that these "medicals" are and the works of fiction that they put on the forms. Am sure they don't give A....toss..:-}


    "The prognosis for fibromyalgia is poor.

    It is a chronic but non progressive disorder, characterised by a decreased ability to

    sustain repetitive activity or other forms of sustained work load as a result of pain,

    fatigue, global debility, and poor aerobic fitness, and an associated loss of

    concentration and attention span."

  • Hi Lima6MCT,

    If i have anything i want to save for future reference, given my limited pc skills!!, i copy and past the link onto an email ans save it in drafts...getting quite a list now.

    At my medical 3 weeks ago the nurse said "oh so fibro just general aches and pains then?" Was stunned and just wanted to slap her for the offhanded manner in which she said it. So she really knew what it was all about then.

    Take care

    Jan x

  • I have taken the bull by the horns and am now setting up a spreadsheet of subject matter and the appropriate links - hopefully it'll make find things a lot easier!

  • goodo, spreadsheets, far and above my capabilities. hope it helps you, there is soo much info to keep on top of let alone digest. powers of concentration and it actually sinking are are fast diminishing here it seems


  • Sounds interesting can't wait to see it, xx

  • Gary Louise

    I have not read the other posts below this post/letter, but I'm sorry to say I do not believe you are a fibromyalgia sufferer. full stop

  • hi rosylyn if you fo on benifit page and it states in a report that at a medical or a appeal we should be looked at by a doctor who has a wide knowledge of fibro, and you can ask if there is going to be one there, ha ive printed this statement off and sent it off with my appeal fingers crossed.

    soft hugs paula x

  • hi i have to use wheelchair to get about even indoors..no doc came to me but they took mine away...i did appeal and got it back but only for a year now i have to apply again BAR####S they make me very mad...so please appeal and good luck to you


  • I cant say what im thinking, ill get removed from this group!!! (((hugs)))

  • oh believe me, i'm sure after seeing the posts on here plenty more are thinking along your lines.

    :-} xx

  • You know what he should be reported to the Medical Board as incompetent that is a disgrace!!! am appalled to be quite frank I think you should have 2 medical staff present or at least a witness when examined as they are obvioulsy being told not to give many ppl DLA now with cut backs etc,,,, very wrong for those like you who are genuine! disgraceful! gd luck and definitely complain and appeal etc

  • am sorry to hear what happened to you, Paul. please appeal against the decision and co-opt the CAB into helping you with it. it's all like passing the buck up the line, but it's all we can do for the moment until the system is changed.

  • yes and lets all stick together and complain on here until someone listens hopefully. maybe all thgether we can make a difference.

  • Hi Paul, I also had the same as you, I am currently awaiting a date for my appeal tribunal!! I also sent a copy of the report that my own doctor had written, clearly stating that I have severe pain, depression etc as the DLA doctor that came out said that I had mild pain, that my fibro wasn't going to get any worse (my doctor had already stated that it had gotten worse in the last few months) it makes me sick that this so called doctors can blatantly lie and still get paid for it. If I ever have another come to my house I will video the consultation.

  • My wife is fuming we had it for 3 years things have got worse not better .. The original reason for turning me down was I was not takin enough pain killers what a joke....video is a good idea I have house survalance I will get my son to put one of the cameras in the room next time..Paul

  • The things they try to avoid paying out is amazing!

    I am on quite strong painkillers but I have to make a daily choice when it comes to taking them. I can either take as prescribed and spend a somewhere between being comatose or a zombie and unable to do anything or I stop taking them during the day and put up with a load of pain just so I'm able get out and about for a wee while.

    It may just be when you appeal that you need to clarify why you take the level of painkillers you do, especially if they affect your ability to function "normally".

  • Hi Nunkster,is the camera for when a doctor comes again?

    If I have got the right end of the stick(not easy these days).Then you must ask their permission,if they say yes then O.K film it.

    If the answer is no and you do it,it is illegal.

    Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxx

  • well, given what I've read across this board and others, I've just phoned to ask for my Atos assessment to be audio recorded. it should be the norm, not the exception for all assessments quite frankly, to protect both parties.

  • Be prepared to have them tell you no cos the recording equipment is "broken" or needing to be re-calibrated.

    According to a recent FoI request there are apparently less than a dozen pieces of recording equipment to cover all the assessment centres in the whole country and they are currently all "broken" or requiring recalibration!!

  • The DLA doctors are a joke they get over a £100 for filling out the form. What a waste of time and money. That money should go to people who really need it. Its just repeating the same old thing that the DLA forms ask you to fill out 100 times over. Mine was a miserable git from Norfolk. I could tell by his body language and his attitude. "Another one who wont get any money written on his face". Can you move this, stretch that etc. Do you watch television. DLA are happy to waste money on alkies to support their habit but fibromites are denied their illness. We know how we feel and what we suffer. DLA are mental abusers.

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