DLA and Blue badge in 2 days

Just thought i would share some good news for a change. I had my DLA tribunal yesterday and it went much better than i expected. I was awarded low rate care but was advised to re apply for my mobility component as i didnt qualify when i claimed last year but would now.The panel were really nice and the Dr was familiar with FM and sympathetic to it.He even came outside after and said he would have given me mobility if he could but to make sure i re apply and get as much as i can as most people give up before it gets to appeal.I asked how many people lost today at appeal he said none,he said he shouldnt divulge that but he is disgusted how disabled people are being treated.I did manage to take some paintwork of their doors with my scooter on my way out. I also claimed for all my expenses as i had to travel 50 miles on A roads to get there and back as well as crossing a toll bridge and a days worth of parking charges.

Then i got home from taking children to school to find my blue badge in the post. I had to appeal for that damn thing too.

I have thought many times on giving up on the struggle as the stress has made my symptoms much worse but i always have been a stubborn cow. I hope this gives some hope to all of you who are going through the process.

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  • fabulous , i am so pleasd for you . x

  • you lucky cow thank god they are now getting these people on the appeal boards its just a shame you have to go to appeal first well done you it gives us all hope

  • sorry didnt mean to call you a cow you know what i mean well done you

  • Fantastic news :). Ive got mu appeal in june. You have given me hope. Thanks for sharing your good news. Hug & love to you. Helen xx

  • good for you hunny go for it girl soft hugs kath

  • So pleased for you that doc was a guddun x

  • Well Done....after appeal I get low rate mobility and middle rate care component.....I think unless u no what u are entitled to(which may I add,I don't)then u actually get nothing as no1 comes forward to tell u what u can getu only no there things through finding them out yourself if your lucky!!!!xxxxx

  • Well done xx I bet you feel a whole lot better just for that bit of relief xx

  • im glad i got it out of the way but sad that we have to go through all this crap to get any help.Any extra we can get is a huge help.

  • Brilliant news I'm still waiting for my appeal date been waiting since oct to see if I got to go or not but well done to all those who have won appeal love and soft hugs x

  • well done for keeping at it, i am so pleased its all worked out. also good luck claiming the mobility part.. i hope they deal with it quickly for you and not put you through any more stress xx (((hugs)))

  • I had to appeal foR DLA as i was refused any help, with my support workers help, i eventually got high mobility and middle care. Without her help i wouldn't have known what to do, i had a review appointment which i was really worried about but the medical examiner turned out to be helpful and understanding. Don't give up.......try try and try again. Love to everyone x

  • Hi Everyone, Has no-one tried REIKI as a help with your symptoms ive had it in the past and it really worked for me and does ease your symptoms also taking vitamins helps too (100mg -200mg QC10 )helps with energy levels this is a high dose but my herbalist told me you have to start high to make an impact and you can discuss this with your doctor too if you are taking alot of medication, to see if its compatable for you, also CELADRIN tabs help with the pain and you can get this in cream form if you prefer again from your herbalist.Hope this helps this is what i take with my fibromyalgia,i also take AMYTRIPTALENE but ive tried sleeping at night without it and my sleep is quite fitful,so i take 25mg after ive eaten my tea and i get sleepy about 9-10pm if i have alcohol this works against it so i don't drink.

  • Hi I have tried Reiki and agree that it did help - but it does cost, and it is dependant on the practitioner in my view as I have had Reiki from a couple of practioners and one was much better than the other.

  • Please send some of your good luck my way! I got my ATOS forms yesterday, for Limited Capability for Work. I've been down this road before, I'll send in the forms, go for the assessment, lose and be back on Jobseekers again. I'm so sick of doing this, I wish they would leave me alone. The most annoying part is I can retire next year so who the hell is going to employ me anyway. x

  • That is really good news. Well done to you. It is an inspiration to all of us not to give up. :-)

  • well done

    I receive high rate DLA for mobility but only after a written appeal so don't give up.

  • hi chezmaniac, well done you, keep going. nice to hear some positive doings , soft hugs xxxx

  • I am so pleased to hear some good news regarding dla. :)

    Good luck with your mobility element.

    HUgs, kel xxx

  • Thats brilliant news x

  • been feeling really down today and felt just like giving up, but you have inspired me and made me smile. I have also written to my MP, poor man he is not having a good day ah!

  • I was hoping that it might give people some hope.Its always good to have hope.I was starting to think I had no chance but got sopmething. :-)

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