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Speechless with shock

Got my ATOS result today. I thought I had a sympathetic doctor (she even said she was shocked that I had been turned down for a blue badge!) and had a raft of letters to explain all my conditions, but have been told that I am in the work related group. It's a *******!!!! joke. I'm 60 yrs old. What the*****is the point of asking me to go to a 'work related interview' Who do they think is going to employ someone of my age with all my health problems???

I have not been good the last few days, it is hot and humid and I don't feel capable of anything let alone dealing with the DWP, but my husband has said he will take over sorting my appeal. Don't know how long appeal system takes but in that time I will be getting nearer drawing my pension (62) and wasting a load of taxpayers money.

I shall also be contacting my MP who unfortunately is Chris Grayling.


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It is ridiculous no wonder you are shocked.

Unfortunately i dont think you will get much sympathy from your MP either.

I have my work related interview today which is laughable as i am now supposed to be in the support group as my WRAG ran out.

The whole system is messed up.

Sorry you had bad news though.

Gentle hugs xx


i hope you win your appeal ,i cant believe they put you in that group ,they really are so stupid ,i get so angry reading reveryones blogs on these atos things that you have to go through ,i dont know what i will do when i eventually have to work just have no idea what i could do

sending you gentle hugs xxx


It's just ridiculous . It makes me so angry . Having Grayling as your MP is probably not going to help either .

I wrote to him and received a standard reply of " have to reduce the welfare bill " blah blah blah .

I sent my DLA renewal claim form in almost 5 weeks ago and apart from a letter to say they've received it I've heard nothing . I've renewed 3 times before with no problems at all but I can see it turning into a fight this time and I'm rapidly running out of energy

I have been told the support group is virtually impossible to get in to , it's been manufactured that way as the government believe almost everyone is capable of some kind of work.

I'll keep my finger's crossed that you're one of the lucky ones.

Hugs xx


i feel for you, but i think you should contact your mp, and in fact everyone having problems with the system should! i e.mailed mine (Conor Burns - TORY!!) last week after a year of being housebound because I cannot get down the steps. Was woken 8.30am today and they are working right this minute!!! i can hardly believe it. ALSO even if some are still not being heard if everyone was to swamp every mp they might just be forced to listen. Glad to hear your husband is supportive, you cant just battle alone - it takes to much energy. wish you all the best.


it really is a joke, I was put in a support group 3 yrs ago, even they said I wasnt fit for work


I only found out that I was in the work related group when they stopped my ESA with only 1 weeks notice, it's a disgrace! Now working on trying to get into the support group but have already been told that it is virtually impossible and could take up to 1 year to even get to the appeal stage. In the meantime I'm likely to loose my home as all other resources like insurance, savings etc have been used up and do they care??? Of course not!!! Sorry rant over ;-)

Gentle angel hugs to everyone (((X)))


hi caroline, sorry to hear of your troubles but there is hope,I had the same prob as you and also had to attend work inteview and they sent me home and told dwp im not fit to work,I had to appeal to tribunal for my d.l.a. and this all happened quite quickly as when attending appeal all the judges agreed I wasn't fit to work,I too had my husband there to take over as it's all done to frustrate us into giving up and going to work,which most of us would love too if we could,hope this helps and please hang on in there

chin up x


so sorry caroline as we had our medicals on the same day and u hadnt had a reply i thought u were going to be a winner,

ive filled in my appeal form but they did not send me my report as asked so i dont know what part i am fighting.

The back to work advisor told me to appeal even if i dont get the report as they are so strict on the return date.

if they want to take to a tribunal then c.a.b will help fingers crossed for you

take care its good u have your husband to help out im doing all mine on my own


Lin x


My lovely husband has read the letter and we are going to use delaying tactics. First of all are going to do a letter arguing their decision and send it off two days before the cut off date. Then if no joy are going to fill in the appeal form again at the last minute. By the time I've gone through all this I'll probably be drawing my pension!

The letter itself is gobbledygook - I had to read through it twice before I could work out which group I have been place in! As for the rest still trying to decipher it.

Sorry for you Lin and others who are having to go through this alone. What this government is doing is unbelievable. Was talking to my friend today and we both agreed that the press is only too happy to publish stories of benefit cheats (another one in the Times today) but not of the appalling way that the deserving are treated.

Caroline x


Don't give up, its the principal now. Make sure you pay yhte extra for someone to sign for your letter, then you also have that to say they actually got it!! Also make an appointment at your local CAB and they will help all they can with writing letters, and they will also keep copies too, And when you need to make any quotes back you can always reliey on them to have everything. They also have the POWER to decipher all the gobbledegook!!


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