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I went to my sisters beuaty room yesterday and my 2 nieces wre there they are 11 and 13 years old they are so sweet to me they really are my sister has told them all about my fibro well in laymans terns anyway and do you know i sat ther yesterday having my nails done and theya sked nme when iwas home this week i said every day really and they said oh thats good we will call you in week and come and do all your house work for you and do the hoovering and put wash on for you !!!

How kind and thoughtful is that if they can be so caring and realise what this fibro does to people how come others cant ? they can see the difference in me they can see me wobble and stumble they can see my wrists not working so how come health proffessionals cant then ?

Anyway on friday morning i have got 2 little workers coming round so better make sure i dont do anything so it is messsy lol

trouble is i am on my own all day so house really doesnt get untidy as daughter at work then in bath tea and out ! as they do at 19

i hope that you have people around you like i have to give you help and support love to you diddle x

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Aw thats lovely! Hope you have a lovely friday with them xxx


you could always send them round to mine Diddle - this place is a sty and could seriously do with a good clean up!!! lol

you are extremely lucky to have all the support you do and it is really obvious how much your family love and cherish you.


It's such a difference, my sister has always appreciated how difficult it is for me, and just seems to understand without me saying anything. And both of my parents are amazing :)


send them to me next im not too far away lol :) xxxxxx


thats nice Diddle, lovely they are willing to help even if there isnt much to do. Will be nice for you to have some company too. xx


aww that's nice i always feel that the younger generation understand us better than the adults i have 2 granddaughters who live nearby and when they come over they always try to help hugs xx


that is so nice that you have such a loving caring family that want to help and it is lovely to see you sharing that as not everything you see on here is bad news i hope you have a fantastic day on friday with your neices hun gentle hugs for you x


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