Sleep? What is this you speak off?

Nearly 2.30am,i am so shattered but unable to sleep! What is wrong with my skin tonight. The bedding is clean and reasonably new, i have my soft fleece to throw over me yet it feels like i laying in sand. I have to constantly stretch my body as well which dont help as parts of me cramp up when i do that. I even have my fan on and lying on top of the quilt with the fleece over me but still i cant settle.

Why is it when i know i have to get myself moving over the weekend do i always have problems with sleep. I been lethargic all day and so tired now all i want to do is sleep.

Does anybody else have problems with sensitive skin (i dont mean on your pressure points when touched) and how do you cope?


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  • bless you yeah but not all the time it comes and goes i have found aqueous cream is good i use that nd you can use it as soapas wellin the bath/shower you just use it as you would a soap but it is in asda and poundland all chemists normall y £1 for huge tub so worth a go love to you diddle x

  • Morning kia,

    Yes i do have sensitive skin. I cant stand any creases in my bed sheets and my pillows have to be just right. I cant wear belts or tight clothing and sometimes its like my skin is burning.

    Hope you get some decent sleep soon.

    hugs, kel xxx

  • Yep i use aqueous cream to every day :-) Allan x

  • Be aware though that some aqueous cream formulations are different - I was allergic to the Lloyds Chemist one but was fine with the one from Boots - they're meant to be the same but looking at the ingredients they were slightly different

  • Hi Kialaya,

    I used to get what your experiencing now every single night, it drove me to tears many nights, my skin hurt and I had the stretching feelings you describe, when I saw my doctor about these symptoms, he immediately knew what it was and put me straight on Amitriptyline 50mg 1 to 2 hours before bed, he told me it was restless leg syndrome but some people suffer with it all over the body and makes them want to stretch.

    I also had pain in my jaw and he told me Amitriptyline would sort this out too, since being on Amitriptyline I've never had the stretchy feelings or the jaw pain but I still get the sore patches of skin.

    If your not already on Amitriptyline, maybe you could ask your doctor if you can try them at night, I've read about it and it seems to be the best treatment for these symptoms.

    Take care

    Irene x

  • if you are already on Amitriptyline, maybe you could ask for something different, its works for me but not everyone.

    Irene x

  • am sorry to read of your distress and hope that either cream like E45 or a med from your GP will help. Amitrip is a good coverall drug for many things. If your GP goes with it, hope things improve for you.

  • Hi. I am on high dose of amitrip and i still get similar feelings but i would describe the feeling like million of fire ants swimming in my blood. I tried baths. Stretching and that doesnt work. I am reduced to tears and i drive my husband crazy as i become like a cat on a hot tin roof. I also tried soluble asprin 3 and it takes the edge off. Since then i take a couple in the morning and am feeling somewhat better. It may be a fluke but its working for me.

  • hi i have a really itchy skin

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