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Big Hugs All Round :)

Can I just say to everyone on here how nice it is to be able to communicate with (if you dont mind me saying) like minded peeps like myself. I have been going out of my mind with worry about Fibro, what with all the different aches and pains I get (dont know if anybody else is like it but I worry when I get another pain somewhere else I think that this is it the big one) but already with only coming on the site for a few days you have all improved my life, with the advice, support, and just because you are there! What a great site! Many Thanks to All. Ann xxx

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Awww :) I know how you feel! I remember when I started getting chest pains I went to a&e, gp, cardiologist for them all to tell me nothing was wrong. then i came on here and a lot of people get them. I hope you are well X x x x


Hi Ann,you have deffinately come to the right place for help,advice and an occasional laugh.If we didn`t laugh at it sometime we would spend our lives in tears.

That is one thing I luckily have not had ,are the chest pains but I know a lot do.

I should imagine it`s quite frightening when it happens.

And welcome to the site,you will find all you need here.

Love and hugs Butterfly54xxxx


Thankyou very much all of you. Even though I have three appeals pending, and have another! yet another! LCFW form to fill in yet again and have back by the 15th July, and not being able to get an appointment with my Welfare Rights to help me fill it in! If I hadnt got this site to read everybodies view and air mine they would be takin me away in a jacket am affraid!! Luv you all x Ann


hi this is a brilliant site.

we all have similar issues to deal with both physical and mental and it's good to discuss them with other folks who understand. When your in agony and feeling down its good to get an internet hug from someone!!!!!!!!!!! hugs to all


I find it hard talk much about my fibro with friends and family because of mixed reasons, mainly I don't want to upset people, add to their worries, they won't understand etc, so it's a huge relief to come on here and know that someone, possibly lots more, will understand and empathise.

It's not as if we can even be relieved and say, 'Oh good, it's not just me', because that would be awful, even though it is a relief to find out you are not the only one who thinks they are loosing their marbles!

But we do need to have people who understand, about the whole, even if not each pain and worry. but no-one would wish fibro on anyone else, any more than we'd wish illness of any kind on anyone.



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