Massive healing hugs to you all

I check into this site most days and have had some unbelievable support since joining. The more I read the more astounded I am by the amount of pain and suffering we all have but the amazing ability of the people on here to reach out to others in their time of need! It's truly a blessing to have found this site, and I am forever grateful to you all. Lets give ourselves a big gently pat on the back for our resilience! You can all reach for the vomit bowl now lol, but I just wanted to say that!

love and hugs to you all.

Jo xx

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  • Hi jo

    Well said.

  • Hi Jo,

    How lovely of you to come and acknowledge the support this site gives to so many of us. I don't know where I would be today without it and the friends I have made since joining. Like you say, a pat on the back for everyone for their resilience and certainly no bowl needed at all......... I think a big hug {{{{{Jo}}}}} is far more appropriate 👍🏻😃😘

    Foggy x

  • Well said foggy I agree with all you said .. Couldn't put it better .. I read all or most posts and don't always reply especially if there is lots of replies but if I didn't have this site I know I couldn't cope as well as I do xx

  • Hi Jo

    What a lovely post 😊

    I think because we are all united by pain and fatigue we actually do know how others feel.

    As Foggy so rightly says, no bowl needed. Quite the opposite!

    I too have made some lovely friends here and know that I always have somewhere to go for some support when I need it, or someone to chat to in the wee small hours when I feel like I'm the only person awake 😊

    I totally echo your post and would like to thank everyone who has supported me here over the years. Having Fibro is one of the worst things that has ever happened to me, finding this site has been one of the best.

    Lu xx

  • Well said lu ... And totally agree .. Big hugs xx

  • Yes I agree totally with both Foggy and Lu, that was lovely Jo, thank you! I can't always be on the site but I am thankful this is here when I do need it.

    I had my bone scan yesterday and have to wait 4-6 weeks for the results of this and I went to see orthopaedic surgeon this morning for the first time and I was 40 mins late because of an RTA and it was in the rush hour, thankfully they still slotted me in later on but he said I will need a ball to fit in my hip socket which will be slightly smaller then the one I've got now but they don't know if they can get one yet, if they can't, they will have to replace my socket as well which will be a longer operation. Fingers crossed for the best option for me! They said this should take 6-8 weeks so not long really, I do hope it will be sooner though.

    Also the surgeon said my left leg may be a bit longer but I hope not as this is already a bit longer than my right so that's going to make me limp but I will have to find out about that but because of the missed slot, didn't like to question anymore as time was important for others waiting.

    Hope everyone is painfree or at least it is manageable and take care xx

  • Agreed and well said big hugs xxx

  • Wow I couldn't have said it bette ... Big hugs to you xxx

  • Ok well I'm at docs so I have to use trash can!

  • I do agree with everyone this site is wonderful! I don't want to think about not having it! I maybe new but all of you have made a big difference in my life!

    As far as trash cans. I am just in a lot of pain and been here for 2 hours and still waiting! So .... The screaming kid running out of the room and down hall way and back ..... Yep bring on the trash can ! I have had about all I can take!

  • Hey regnofibro1 how did u get on at doctors after your marathon wait?

    Jo x

  • Let's just say I was VERY happy to get home! He gave me injection and steroids. Then told me to keep my doc appt with neurologist Monday "rolling eyes "!!! Really ok deep calming breathe! Still don't understand how some people would rather yell and scream at a child rather that talk to one. I really wish I could just up to some take phone out of their hands and say pay attention to your child! Breathes in and out! Lol everything is going to work with out! I am determined!!!

  • I'm sorry but if I had been waiting as long as u id have gone to a and e .. That's shocking and as for the kid I would be shouting at the mother to control her child .. And I wouldn't have been nice about it xxx

  • Yes, I wouldn't like waiting that long either Audh so really do hope you can get this sorted out soon Regnofibro1, you must be a real trooper putting up with what you do and I really hope there is hope at the end of the tunnel for you soon x

  • I too have learnt so much from everyone on this wonderful site. I have had so much support, I honestly don't think I would have come through my darkest days without my buddies on here.

    I love all the pics of the day as they make me chuckle, lifts my spirits so I can battle through the day. hugs xx

  • I so agree Joannie. Big, but not crushing!, hugs to all. I don't know how I would have coped with the ignorance and negligence of my FM if it hadn't been for the support, information, and advice I found here. And the laughs that make tears come to my eyes keep my spirits up!

  • Well said and thank you. It is members like yourself that make this site worthwhile. So, thank you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • That's lovely. I know what you mean though. Pretty good bunch on here hey?

    Take care :) Tulip xx

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