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my birthday.huge hugs and thanks

i just wanna send everyone who replied to my blog yesterday a huge huge thank you and enormous hugs.

you dont no me and im new to this site but your wishes and comments meant so much to me.

yesterday my birthday was one of the worst and darkest days ever and ive had a quite a few of them over the past year or so,

i didnt end up having a good birthday infact i spent day crying,shouting,my high blood pressure went through roof.

i ended up having words with my gorgeous fella which we never ever do but right now we have started.

i rang appeals and some of the staff are rude and made me feel so much worse.

im no nearer to getting my e.s.a heard.

but have been to independent living centre today .got more bad news.we have to move out of our 2 bed house coz housing benefit wont pay even though i have shared custody of my kids.

we didnt no this so we are now rushing around trying to find a 1 bed house urgently.

i cant apply for a new claim for e.s.a for my new illness crohns disease asap,

didnt know that and it wont affect my appeal.

if we dont and i fail my appeal were left with nothing zero.

anyway ive woke up fighting today and yeah im sick with worry,im gonna be homeless and no money.

thanks atos....

huge hugs to everyone on here who is going through same as us.doesnt get any easier but i wont let them defeat me.


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thanks for letting us know xx i think at the moment everyone beeing turned down so they have to appeal keep your chin up i like your message nothing defeats you ...gentle dyslexic hugs


ive been through so much in my whole life and had counselling etc and they have told em that im one of the strongest sanist people brave they have ever met.

if you let these people beat you they win.simple and no way am i gonna let them.

we are ill,we have done nothing to deserve this so therefore people keep fighting.never ever give up no matter how hard times are,or what e.s.a do keep up the fight.

hugs back lexie..


Oh Sammy you poor soul!! Sending love and positive thoughts your way. Shame we cannot help you in any way. Stay strong and fight the good fight.

Mel xxx


well im fighting a custody battle second one in a year.i have loads of probs health wise.i came out of a 16 year violent marridge and lost my kids to him.

and am constantly fighting the system to get it changed for me and other people.

so thanks i am a fighter.i try and stay postive just hard some days hey?

im still here and still in love with my soul mate and getting married next july.?


hi sammy

good luck with your fight you have been through a lot bless you take care love beth xx


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