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a big hug to you all

wow what can i say apart from a big thank you.

i never new i had so many friends and kept alot of things to my self..

and sorry that i have not answered any of my posts just been a little busy as got to go to cornwall to say good bye to grandad . and trying to sort out the dogs at the same time...

i do know that we are all in the same boat for being in pain and getting fed up with it all, in the end i just let it all out ....

i am a truely kind hearted person and would do any thing for any one if i could..

so i wish to say thank you once again for all the kind words and surport that you all have shown me .... my eyes are now open to what this site really means to me ...

will come back later to night to see if any one is about as going to have a me day for once xxx

love to you all and take care hugs with wool xxxx

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Love to you too Pammy and will be thinking of you xxxx


enjoy your me time :)

love and hugs to you xxxx


hi there and welcome back on x well its great that you missed the site i too get so much from it and it is now part of my day i try to come on early morning 5 am or night to some lol thenn maybe at night it depends but try at laeast once to catch up with everyone well you take care love to you diddle x


thinking of you Pammy. xxxx soft hugs


Lots of love Pammy,short as in a lot of pain in right arm.But we met on M.E site

And I`m afraid it was me that said about here last January,and a lot have come over.You and I know this one is way more responsible and helpful in every way.

Plus no one was ever in chat lol

LOve to you hunny feel free to private message if you want to

Buttefly54 xxxxxx;-)


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