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Morning All & Happy Easter

I dont blog here very often but always read what you say. I find it vety helpful & comforting knowing there are fellow sufferers who find this condition ss hurtfull & distressing as I do. I would blog more often but I sit here thinking "They dont want to hear that" . Daft I know.

Mind you sometimes its because I just dont have the energy to think plus this sounds silly but it hurts my fingers & wrists just using the keyboard on my phone. This certainly does make us antisocial. I always feel so guilty saying I am not sure if I can make it or I will have to wsit & see how I am on the day. My hubby still does it to me. Anything you want to do this weekend? Heasks. I could kill him cos he looks hurt when I say I dont know how I am going to be. I have now just bought myself a wheelchair. Now I will see if he will push me in it.

God Bless you all & I hope you have a great weekend.

Gentle Hugs to you all. Xxxx

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hey Annie, you blog as little or as much as you like. I go through spurts, sometimes also just read. Don't worry about blogging, I blog like its a diary, its an outlet to get things off my chest, helps no end. Some times I do blabble on, but it does not matter everyone on here, so friendly and supportive. Look forward to chatting more. Have a good weekend Lou x


It is so lovely having understanding on here. Its a great group to be part of.

Gentle hugs xxx


i agree with lou and chris ,and somtimes just reading other peoples blogs can make such a diference ,

some days i just read ,and some times my blogs are a load of old rubbish ,but just having a few replys just makes you feel better ,knowing that we are all here for each other ,tc xxxx


Hi Annie,

And I agree too,I just like being the same as everyone else really :)

Don't go killing your husband, it'll wear you out!

I'm like Lynz, some days I read blogs a few times and don't take them in properly and then try and reply and end up writing rubbish. Actually Lynz, yours aren't rubbish! It helps to write things down as Lou says, doesn't matter if it makes sense to anyone else, it helps to get it off our chests.

It is a great group, I'm so glad I found it. xxx


you come and go as you please you dont have to clock in on here and as long as you get what you need from it which ever way that is either evryday/month/week/year or jus by reading you go for it love to you didddle x


hi and welcome as long as you get a smile and some comfort when you here and some advice too that is good love to you diddle x


hi, im the same, read all the posts but dont often contribute, its an amazing site an the answers always help, makes me feel im not alone with this demon, hope one day i feel able to contribute more but till then soft hugs to you all and a big thank you xxxxxxx


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