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This is a really big hug and big thankyou to all of you on here who have written such lovely things about me today it really has touched me what you have all said about me.

i never knew so many of you thought so much of me and valued what i wrote to you

i just want you all to be happy and getwhat you can out your lives

i want to try and cheer you up when you are down and give you a boost for the day i dont know everything i just say what i think and feel but ultimately it is up to all as individuals to do what you think is best and when it comes to meds you must always consult your GP as you would anyway

well love tou you all and i know that if i could pick you as my family i wpuld each and every one of you love and hugs Diddle x

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Well there is one thing diddle, at least we would have plenty to talk about! and nae doubt am sure a wee competition would start up with who is the sorest, lol At least we all know what the others r going through and wont have to repeat ourselfs umpten times a day. :)


you can be my big sis diddle hugs xxx


lol defo agree :) love to you diddle xxxx




Diddle, when I see a posting from you, I smile. Even though I've only been a member a short while, you seem to be out there regularly talking to us and pushing on with your life, whatever is happening to you. I feel I already know you!


Hey Diddle, I too would pick you as my family, if only!! But after my Mum died I found a fridge magnet she had bought which said "You can choose your friends but you cant choose your family". So I consider it an honour to choose you and all the other lovely people on here as my friends. We understand what each other is going through and that makes it easy to laugh and cry with each other. When you are down maybe I can cheer you up and vice versa.

Anyway Diddle, hope you have a good nite and hope to catch up with you again tomorrow xx


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