I would like to say a very big thankyou to christine els for all that she done on the forum when she was a volenteer, as you may have noticed she has decided to stand down as a volenteer but i feel she should be recognised by the forum for all that she done and all her hard work she decided to stand down a few days ago and so i am writing a thankyou and i anm sure you would all agree with me

I just feel she should be recognised and highly praised for everything she does , i know she is still on here as a member but praise where praise is due and we aill all miss your little volenteer sign next to your name but your still here to give us all your wonderful caring words and advice

love to you Diddle xxx

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  • aww chris lv,you cant sh*tting step down,well ok you can if you want to,its sad tho.hey at least we`ll all still be able to chat to you.i dont know why you stepped down but id just like to say iv only been a part of this family since march but have noticed how kind you are(as all the admin are)....so chris thankyou for your ears,voice and lovely heart of which we`ll still have anyway,so what in the hades am i prattling on about......lav ya chris :) :) :) p.s you are SH*T





    lots of lv and hugs fm me xx

  • lol:) love diddle x

  • Hi chris, The Fog has been rather thick !!!

    I hadn't realised that you had stepped down, and I would miss your cheeriness for sure, but when do we ever heed our own advice????

    Love and hugs,

    Sue x x x

  • hi lv glad u like the SH*T meaning,fm now on im gonna refer to you as"chris the SH*T"...lol,my special name for you....i know im bonkers.glad you`v taken your own advice,lots of lv and fluffy hugs fm me :) xx

  • we all hope you take real good care of you.r self christine els.you enjoy you,r life we will always be here for you, and for each other

  • many thanks christine for the advice you gave me, and i am sorry that you have taken a step back, but we all have to look after ourselves eventually. best wishes for the future and hope to see you on here soon . hugs to all x

  • DIDDLE right we should all say thank you chris take care love beth xx

  • Big thanx xxx


  • Thanks for helping us Christine, we welcome your input even though you are not a volunteer anymore. xxxx

  • I am new to this site and have to say that it is one of the best, if not the best on the net! Oh yes, we vent, but also there is positivity along with real solutions by people who are all in the same boat...Thank you Christine for starting such an amazing group! You truly are among the unsung angels in human form! Gentle hugs, lots of love, blessings, and angels to you xoxo

  • big thank you xx

  • good luck xxx

  • thank you hun.xxx

  • thank you xx

  • Thank you Christine for the help and advice, take care gentle hugs Mary xxx.

  • Hi chriatine, thanks for all you have done for us. Hope we hear will still hear frome you sometimes. take care fo yourself soft hugs xx

  • it is great to have lovely chats and support from this site,thank you for all the help you have given,enjoy the cross stitch, xxx

  • thank you not been here long but noticed your always there for everyone. Glad your taking your own advice xxx dottiedog

  • Sorry to hear u have stepped down from volunteer role Christine. I just like to take this opportunity to say a deep heart felt thank you for all your support, especially over the last few months battling with my many aliments and fractured ankle. U offer us all inspiration and give us the strength to keep battling on against this horrible condition. Hope to keep in touch, lots of Love, Violet xxxx

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