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a big sorry to every one

hello there every one hope you all have been ok ....

first i would like to say sorry to every one,

i had put on here that i was low and feeling depressed and i feel like i have put alot of people in bad moods..

i am sorry if i have i promise to keep all my pain and feeling low to my self.

the reason why i was so low is that i had just lost my gran dad to cancer and that i was not there to say good bye.

i do agree that this site should be a happy site and not to make others feel low or depressed..

i hope that you all can forgive me and still be friends on here ..

thank you for reading this pammy

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Hi Pammy,

Eh? You certainly haven't upset me :) Yer daft thing. We're all here to moan at and to have a laugh with and to share problems with...........

So sorry about your Granddad. Don't beat yourself up about not being there, he would understand.

If you need a moan, you moan.

Sue xx


You do not need to apologise for sharing your feelings and please don't feel as though you need to keep everything to yourself. This group is all about the good and the bad, we're here to support one another - it's what we're all about! :)


You didn't upset me. We need to share our feelings.

Take care :)


thank you ariadnejones its always nice to know that you have friends on here


thank you sue 1952 and thank you sulugirl it means a lot to me thank you once agian xx


oh bless you, how on earth can you have upset anyone by being human and feeling a huge loss, we are all meant to be here for each other, to help and try to understand each other, and so people know they are not alone. sending much love and


You haven't upset me Hun. Sorry to hear you have been having a rough time. Sending you gentle hugs Lou x


pammy never say sorry for saying how you feel ,, we all get down ,, we all have good days ,, part of this group is to share both xxxx


Hi Pammy Iv`e tried to go through archives to see whats up but it`s not working.Anyway that does`nt matter as I don`t recall you upsetting anyone and if they were they are not worth bothering about,or were having an off day.

I know you have been going through a lot and I`m so sorry to hear about your grandad.

And don`t keep your pain and thoughts to yourself it`s not healthy.You and I did a great job off getting people away from a certain site that left everyone to thier own devices which was very wrong of them.

If your going to put out a website at least they should know what they are doing.

This one is superb and we need stories like the one about your dog on the bed,or even if you are having an off day.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxxx


Pammy I found your last blog and can`t find anything anti social there just love and understanding.

I think Darling you have just had too much on your plate recently and maybe misconstroud something that was said.But as I say I can`t see what

Hugs Jayne xx.


hay you have nothing to apologise for this is what the site is for to vent out exactly how we are feeling wether it happy or sad so dont ever keep your true feelings to yourself never we would all be annoyed if you done that love to you diddle x and so sorry fro your losss x


Sweetheart, I am so sorry for your loss - I know exactly how you're feeling and what you're going through x

And as all the others have said, you have nothing to apologise for! We all come on here to let go sometimes, and you know you will get supported on here. Will be thinking about you today and sending you hugs gentle hugs xxx

Tracy x


Hi, i can only reitterate what has already been said on here already.

I am sorry to hear of your loss and can understand how yu must be feeling.

Not only are you grieving but you have the pain to suffer with and are probably a little more sensitve than usual.

I am not aware that you have offended anyone, if you had I am sure they would have something to say and put you right!!

I hope your mind is at rest now and we are hear to listen to anything you have to say, whether it's a rant, a happy thought, a question or just something in general.

Keep posting hun and keep smiling too.

Sending you a warm cheer you up hug xx


you certainly havent upset me, surely this support group is just that, hopefully we re all here to support everyone whether your up or down, sometimes support groups like this is the only way we can vocalise our feelings, so sorry about your granddad sending you lots of love and hugs


you need a moan honey - you have one. thats what we are here for! any you are grieving for someone special and we all understand. I am sorry for your loss I know what it feels like! hugs to you xxx



That is what we are all here for hun, to help everyone let it all out, have a laugh, have a groan.

We all understand and you certaintly havent upset anybody.

You shouldnt feel that way.

sorry for your loss hun, and you know where we are if you need us. :)

Thinking about you and take care.

kel xxx


Sorry to hear of your loss, it must have been very hard to deal with as well as dealing with this illness.....if we can't have downtimes with fellow sufferers then who can we share our feelings with?? How many of you like me, bottle things up because you worry about sounding like you are constantly moaning, griping about something those not in the know cannot see or even begin to comprehend??????? As fellow sufferers we should be here for good and bad share our the old saying goes, a problem shared is a problem halved (i think) so don't ever apologise for expressing who and how you feel........hugs to you...xxxxxxxxxxx


sorry for your loss Pammy, I know what you are going through, my condolences to you and your family x and this is most definately the place where u can say how u truly are feeling - good or bad, we r all feeling the same, and the majority of the time its the bad! so dont u worry at all, no one here is or has been upset or offended by anything u have said, so chat away and we are here, love to u all xx


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