Hi i just want to say a big THANKYOU to you all for your support and your kind messages nothing would please me more than for admion to admit they were wrong and why they were wrong it wasnt all of admin it was 1 person who took it upon themselves to restrict me and went too far by doing so

i hope they have had a nice few days and been sleeping and eating and going about their daily businesss as while they have been doing that i have been going throgh the worst flare up i have ever had not really eating much and at 7 stnoe nothing thats not good and have been laying on my bed for most of the afternoons and also been goiung through it alone as none of my family know anything that has gome on if i told them waht i had been accused of they would go nuts

so i havw also kept it all to myself i have however had tremendous support from 2 other sites that i am on and alot of the old members are on there and have been fantastic to me and to be honest i dont know how i would have coped withoput there constant e mails to me and even been given mobile numbers too

all i want to do is be DIDDLE on here again i as i have said i dont know why people gravitate to me but they do i am honest a the day is long i just wanna help people and cheer them up i dont want all this if i wanted this i would call jeremy kyle and sit on there for an hour

please get this sorted the masses have spoken you know what needs to be done adminb so do it and see the difference it makes i for one if i was given an explantuion and a public apology which everyone wants would accept it gracuouisly and we can all move on so ipeople it is in the power that be hands now but if they decide against an apology then there is a member on here who has my e mail and if she checks with me 1st that it is ok i will let her give it to you so you can at least stay in touch with me

perhaps i shpuld start upmy own site lol but serously lets hope by this time tomorrow apologies have been given and a couple of the old members have been contacted and their restricyions lifted also and we can all just get on with being theforum it used to be love to all diddle x

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  • I hope peace breaks out soon too xx

  • well the only way this will be obver if there is a public apologyif there is nt i think you will find nearly all the members will be jumping ship that would be sad and a shame for the forum but someone has got to be a man andor woman andapologise they know who they are and they know everybody else knows who they are so we will wait and see but members wont wait forever love to you diddle xxx

  • here here!!! second that miss diddle! hugs xxx

  • I guess it doesn't matter what site your on there are always waves. I do hope your happy to be back and I am glad there is now a fb page for people as well as this info one. Hugs and glad to see you back xx

  • Great to see you back on here diddle.

    I hope you get a proper public apology and we can all move on from here. We need love and support not stress from anything or anyone on here.

    Much love and gentle hugs to you diddle. Mo xx

  • Hia Diddle nice to see you on here again , it is a shame at times for whatever reasons and seems your not the only that has had issues and members leaving and what for ??? am completely confused although it is none of my business but even i have had run ins and PM sent to me and i have been a little 'gob smacked' and for what being nice and supportive ..

    ohhh well and am pretty sure my posts are limited at minute as am not getting half the responses i once did and no idea why.

    But we get no warning no nothing of why we are restricted. it seems funny that every time certain things put on that i have to constantly sign in or i get OHPS page constantly.

    xxx lovely to have you on again i go on other sites too and have never had any issues with anything ..if your ill your supposed to get support ?

  • xxxxxxxxxxxxcazziexxxxxxxxxx lol i clicked it i got distracted haha

  • Good to see you back Diddle :-)

    Im really sorry to hear about the way you were treated and that this caused a bad flare up......this in its self should never have been allowed to happen!

    Take care and i hope that you get the explanation and apology that you deserve!

    Gentle hugs xx :-)

  • You sound as if you have the right attitude to start up your own forum if this doesn't work out. Which IMHO is to keep ego out of it and realise that who ever sets up a forum doesn't own it - they are just a trusted administrator of that group. I learned this the hard way BTW when I got too big for my boots and my feet didn't touch the ground on the way out of the door! I deserved it and have learned from it!

    However as you seem to want to stay here where it is familiar and safish to you, I sincerely hope you get the apology your friends here seem to believe you deserve.

    The Prisoner

  • You sound like a very insightful person Prisoner and I like the fact you say you have taken what you have deserved and learned from it. Take care xx

  • nice to hear from you diddle, if no apology then maybe someone else can start up a forum so we can all read your blogs without all the crap that youve been habving

  • Here here!

  • Hi Diddle, please would you let me know if you do set up a seperate site as I would like to join you. Angela xx

  • Me too plz

  • Sorry Diddle, meant to say too that I really hope you get your apology and I hope you are feeling better to know how much support you have from your friends. Please try and eat a little now and get a little stronger, its a horrible thing for you to go through but we are behind you. xx

  • i am so sorry you have had to gop through all this diddle, they really do owe you an apology, Big time! and that one person who started all this, well should obviously be restricted, at the very least. take care diddle, hugs xxxx

  • Hi Diddle, i'm just reading the comments on this post and the other one and am gobsmacked at how you've been treated. I dont know the full story about whats gone on but i just wanted to say even though i've never met you, you seem like a lovely person and you were the first person to welcome me to this site when i first joined last yr and you've always posted on my questions/blogs even if it is just to give a gentle hug so hope you stay on here and get the apology you deserve

    gentle hugs xx

  • Well said!

  • Hey diddle diddle its all such a riddle

    Im sorry uve been treated so harsh

    Hopefully soon it will all be a dream

    And there will be a happy ever-after to this farce


    Hey diddle hope ur feeling better soon, so sad to hear theres some kind of dispute, heres hoping it gets resolved soon. Looking forward to closure and a return to normality on here would hate to loose a lovely kind caring soul like urself or see a brilliant resource go down the tubes.

    Take care of you xxxxDixiexxxx

  • Diddle is innocent.... glad youre back. xx

  • Hi diddle, i left a comment on the other thread which i hope you read. All i want to say is i dont know what happened - i spent sun and mon resting after my party weekend. I was absolutely exhausted!! (and obviously in pain).

    I hope you enjoyed your birthday with your family as i did with mine. Came on this morning for the first time since last week and dont know what is going on but you have the whole site in uproar. I would feel proud to see so many people rushing to my defence. Take heart from that and realise you are neede back.

    I would like to hear what actually happened - it is in all our best interests to know the hole story so that we can make informed decisions about this site. To me it was a godsend when i first found you all last year but just recently first the trolls then seeing peoples comments restricted now this it makes me wonder what this site is becoming.

    Take care and time deciding how you feel about coming back - if you can not bbe open and honest will you still be able to do your blogs? If you decide to move elsewhere and it works for you, let us know where we can find you. Best wishes Tina

  • xxx diddle take care stay strong xxx dottiedog

  • Good to see you back, but I see no apology forth coming, anyone else? So sorry you've been having such a bad time diddle, all this stress will have just made you worse. I'm still not sure I wish to remain here, when your PM's are read, and the admin fail to admit to it even being a problem! So maybe I PM diddle for the address of the other sites you are on, IF I don't hear back from her I'll know you've intercepted that. But I'll try anyway.

  • Hey Diddle. So good to see you're here. I see apologies posted too.

    Missed seeing your posts and so sorry that you had no support when you were at your lowest.

    I do hope that you will be able to eat and gain strength now and just be you again.

    Love and prayers for you, sweetie xxx

  • So glad you came back. Hopefully an apology will follow. Apart from anything else it smacks of bullying and we all know that stress brings on a flare up big time. So please Admin apologise to Diddle.

    Hope you are pain is improving.

    Lots of Huge Hugs


  • hi Diddle we really missed you , you are always so understanding welcoming and lovely and it will be such a shame if you leave but then i totally understand why you can not stay without an apology , hopefully we will be able to still keep in touch elsewhere , big hugs x

  • Great to see you back Diddle, we have missed you.

    Cheers, Midori

  • Hey diddle glad your back

  • Take care Diddle. You are valued by so many people on this site and I find it very upsetting that you have been caused so much distress. Sending you lots of virtual hugs. Jane x

  • hello diddle it has made my day that you are back as I have said before your blogs cheer me up I HOPE YOU GET BETTER SOON gentle hugs love beth x

  • Hope you're ok DIddle you always have such cheery posts, you'd put a smile on anyones face, hope you are ok, fond regards Claire xxxxxxx

  • Hi Diddle, goodness its all too "political" for me- but heres a big warm HUG and a smile. Its the same smile I used to get reading your "say it as it is" posts.

    Love :) NN

  • Hey Diddle, could not beleive it when i saw you back on it true !!?

    I left a post with a freind on here an she gave me her email address.

    I said how much i missed my daily Diddle, as it is far better than daily newspapers.

    I think by the posts you see how luved & much appreciated you are. I was sorry to read the dreadfull time you have been put through & as a result the worst falre up you have.

    Please try and eat...some cake perhaps lol. hope you get a public apology & stay on the site. I have not been on as much since you left & some other Fibro Family it dose'nt seem the way it used to be, take very special care, lots of ((((((((hugs)))))))) fibro sister xx Mary.

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