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I have appealed against been given low rate care dla what are my chances of winning?

I have been on mid rate care low rate mobility for about 4 years, my condition has got worse over the last 6 months hence i informed dla, after an 11 week wait they have now lowered my rate to low rate care it doesnt add up its almost as if they havent even read my claim form as things they are stating i dont need help with i clearly put on my form, i have Fybro, depressionand anxiety, self harm, ibs sleep problems im sure you all know the rest. I have appealed by phone, how can they lower it when i have got worse not better????

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I think it's all down to who reads your claim on the day to be honest .

I've been on DLA for the last 8 years , renewed every 2 years without a problem.

Sent my renewal in almost 5 weeks ago and have heard nothing - except a letter to say they've received it - since.

My condition is certainly worse than it was 2 years ago but I doubt I will get it this time , normally I hear back within a couple of weeks .


I think your right she said on the phone it would go to some other decision maker, i dont tthink they must have read my claim form at all as they stated i didnt need help for things i clearly said i needed help with! My last dla got awarded indefinate, and it was only because one of my friends who looks after my needs said my health was getting worse and told me to notify dla that i did it, now im regretting it i will lose so much money that i have been so used to having, i have 2 friends who help me out one who stays with me at least 3 nights a week. They have told me it could be another 8 - 11 weeks before i hear anything i wish i had just left well alone my condition has got worse not better so how on earth can they take something from me that they have already agreed to give me???? Thank you anyway and best of luck with yours x


i appealed about my low rate dib and was told after 13 weeks that i could lose evan that now .i told them i was still having help to get out and into bed and to take me shopping but they don,t is very frustrating when you try to get considering moving abroad.


It really takes the biscuit, I really don't think thes jobsworths even bother or can read what we send in to them, it really makes my blood boil, I was turned down recently and my adviser asked for a (?) and he was fuming as to what they had done to me, so I have another 11 weeks to wait with the likely conclusion being a big fat NO.

Hugs x x x


I understand criteria has changed. I had high rate mob and low rate care, on renewal lost all mob but kept LR care. Am appealing because like you have got worse. Don't understand, seems so many needy people are losing out and many 'not so needy' get more an more. Appealing is v stressful an adds insult to an already difficult life, good luck with ur appeal, x


I am on low rate care and mobility. I have got considerably worse these last few months but i darent tell them as i am afraid i will lose even low care (just been awarded it again until 2015) and i cant afford to lose that.

But with everyone being turned down i darent risk it.

Good luck with the appeal though. x


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