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I got up at 4.30 am after 3/4 hours sleep which is good for me but my arms are so sore i cant lift them up and to get dressed this morning was hilarious to put my socks on was a joke and try to put top over my head well it was a performance to say the least my writs and fingers tooare all aching

i feel like i have been painting ceilings all night thats how it feels lol

have i been painting the ceilings in your house you better go check lol

love to you diddle xxx

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Nope, my ceilings look just the same as they did yesterday. Can't even think about getting dressed yet, my Postman has almost never seen me dressed, I'm always in my dressing gown when he knocks. Hope your day gets better xx


well it can only get better cant it lol my post man comes at all different times anything between 7 am to 3 pm lol but to be honest i do get dressed as soon as oi get up unless it is really dark mornings then i take dog out in my onesy lol sas no one an see what i have got on lol but not 5.30 am now as it is light haha dont think people want to see a mad woman with little dog in a bright pink onest=y walking the streets would prob get picked up and locked up ha ha may not be a bad idae ????

you enjoy your day it must have nbeen someone elses ceilingds then i am now gonna take my meds as my shoulders are burning with pain oh what a delight this is lol lov ediddle x


You two are a great double act lol x


Yes you have diddle and you left a big patch not done in the lounge so will you come back and finish it Lol x sorry you are so sore today know how you are there , very rough weather in Wiltshire today rain & very windy hope you inprove soon diddle soft hugs ))) Allan x


will bwe there some time next week lol dry here at min and not really windy but think it coming this way unless you can keep it all up thre please love diddle x


Sorry unable to stop the wind Lol diddle hope you have a good day :-)

what ever you are up to !! soft hugs ))) Allan x


sorrry your so sore if its any consolation i am today too. Last night my arms were killing me, took all meds i was allowed but nothing worked. i was in agony whatever way i sat so went to bed and laid there for at least 3 hours before i slept i slept for two then awake again till sun 'tried to get up,' I think its the damp, grey weather that gets into your bones.

Then as i was falling off to sleep, annoyingly chirpy 15yr old daughter came to wake me!!! What does she have to be so happy about on a cold grey rainy day!!!

Then i had to nag hormonal 13 yr old boy out of bed.

Ah kids - dont you just love em.

Wondering should i give in to it and go back to bed or do some much needed housework emm.

Make a cuppa and then decide


By the way you didnt do my ceilings - but wish you had!


Hi Diddle, must have been doin same as you, either that i must have caught the same that nasty fibro bug as you lol. i woke with toothace in my right knee &arm.& its got worse during the day full flare burning also.

I now know who to ask to do any decoratin needin done...I will supply the tea & cakes !! lol. hope you feel better soon Diddle.gentle hugs :-) love


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