I am in receipt of DLA, lower rate care allowance and higher rate mobility allowance

What is going to happen now I have completed my esa form and wait to see if I am called for assessment - I am not well enough to work - I am not well enough to walk very far at all and I am certainly in need of the help and support that my husband and my family give me 24 hours and 7 days a week - just do not know what I am going to do and what actually happens for the future!

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  • How the heck did you get higher rate mobility I get low rate care despite social services coming out and giving me shower seat perching stool and rails so I can get out the house can't drive .....walk with sticks or use my-mobility scooter and still they won't give me any mobility allowance any tips xxx

  • Honestly - when I first applied many years ago I just filled the forms in as honestly as I could - I had a statement from my GP and also my sister who at the time was dealing with my day to day needs - and I was granted it - however I do not believe from what I have heard I will be keeping it now - as they have moved the goal posts so much - I am unable to walk far on my own due to chronic pain - but I am able to drive myself to local shop and back - which is a life line something I can actually do on a good day !

  • I got lower care and higher mobility.

    The vast majority of days (ie 28/30) I would not be able to walk anywhere near 50 metres (2 lengths of a swimming bath) and even on my 2/30 good days I would not be able to repeat the fete after a rest.

    Have a look at the benefitsandwork sheets that you can have emailed to you by admin and they tell you exactly what you get the points for.

    I found I was saying all the right things but in the wrong places - I suspect that is a common problem when claims get turned down.

    Julie xx

  • I got c.a.b to fill out my forms and got what the others got

  • I understand those of us that can get to c a b to do the forms but just trying to get an appointment is so very difficult and then you just dont know if it is going to fall on one of your good days to get there and keep the appointment - like trying to arrange anything in our lives it is dependent on how you feel on the day/week - I hate wasting peoples time and letting them down when you have an appointment it is awful.

  • i didnt get anything and i cant walk far at all x

  • rosehip - try again then, DLA just abide by their sad little mark scheme; it is mainly a case of making sure that you are putting the right thing in the right box. If you put a totally valid statement in the wrong box you miss out on the points to gain your award ... the benefitsandwork help-sheet which admin can email to you goes through it all with you - it is long and tedious form to fill in but has to be worth it to get what you are entitled to.

    Julie xx

  • Sharon I went to an assesment and explained to the lady how bad I was so she sent them an email telling them I shoule be taken off WRAG (work related activity group) ans asked to be put into the support group which is more money than esa they sent me a long form to fill out and in other words I appealed and I never had to have a medical in the end never ecen received a letter but my money automatically went up so obviously I won the apoeal so makesure you fight it you will win goid luck xxx

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