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question, if anyone knows the aswer please

hi all, my step daughter has fibro, the last few yrs its got much worse, she gets low rate care and high rate mobility, she has the dla car.......she claimed for e.s.a. was sent for a medical and was awarded no points...they have informed the d.l.a. and shes had a leter from the dla saying that there colecting the car in january and she can now only have low rate care............i thought that the esa and dla were 2 seperate matters.......is this right?????

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I have low rate care and high mobility. I never got any points from ESa either, I have not heard from DLA as yet. Can I ask how long agao your daughter failed the ESA medical. I was told this decision would not affect my DLA, so now you have me worried hun xxxxx(they are also trying to use the fact that if you drive you can do a driving job)


I hope not i have esa and also dla hope they dnt stop mine x


I thought so too.


what did the letter say?

she needs to see the cab asap

send in an appeal to esa on the grounds that they haven't -

taken into account the implications of fibromyalgia, treatments; and the effect on daily life.

how long since the medical? dla seem to be quick in their actions.

appeal the dla decision on the stating that you have challenged the esa decision on the grounds they taken into account the implications of fibromyalgia, treatments; and the effect on daily life.

then forget it and enjoy Christmas.

After Christmas

get the benefits & work info from admin and any other fibro info they have.

print off the my health pages 60 +

fill it in with simple clear statements,

make copies.

give a copy of "my health" to gp and consultants, ask them to write a letter of support.

ask them to send it to your daughter for her claim pack.

pm me if you need help.



I won both esa & dla using the b&w info and cab advice.


they did this to me stopped dla on back esa medical appeald both dla changed minds but esa had to appeal to go in support group which i won at tribural but they brought up that DWP had broken the law by stopping dla on the back of esa medical but the dwp did not send anyone to the tribunral


she had medical for esa about a mnth ago. she got o points, cause thay asked how many times does she go shoping, she said her partner did it twice a wk....they wrote down that she did it 7 times a wk...........then yeday she had leter from dla saying that esa has awarded her o points and they having the car back in january,but she will remain on low rate care.....thanx all for replying.x..


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