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What is the matter with this man. People on sickness benefit should 'make an attempt to get better' What world does he live in? Does he believe in miracle cures? Does he really think that I wanted to give up a job I enjoyed 10yrs ago when I was only 50 and give up 10 or more years of salary? Or that I want to have a chronic illness that rules my life?

There is no compassion or empathy for anyone from this government and each day I hear more and more from people who are suffering from their policies. And to make things worse they are trying to encourage society to think that all those on benefits are scroungers and layabouts.


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  • good god he s lost the plot, Im just off to run a marathon, after all theres bugger all wrong with me

  • Oh, lally! You do make me chuckle! Bless ya!

    Gentle hugs,


    Carol xx

  • He's seriously cracked, totally off in la-la land.

    I was born this way, with congenital spinal deformities as well as scoliosis of the spine and it only got worse from there on out.

    Make an attempt ... make an attempt ... this man doesn't know what a real day's work is like and also can't even comprehend how much doing things he has maids and servants for (and probably has all his life) takes for us to do, let alone what he considers we should be doing.

  • Beggars belief , but nothing this man says can surprise me any more.

    Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, as most of them are and standing to inherit daddy's millions .

    I wish I could get well, it's not for want of trying . He seems to think we enjoy being sick.

    Idiot .

  • Mr Moron claimed DLA for his disabiled son, so that was ok, even though he and his wife are worth millions, I was 52 when I became ill, never claimed benefit had now idea about sick pay or esa, was told at me esa medical, I was smartly dressed and intelligent, what the stuff has that got to do with being ill, I was awarded 6 points for poor mobilty, I was a community carer, so job involved heavy lifting and being on call 24/7. so whos going to give me a job now, I can barely walk , Ive got cog fog, doubly incontinant, faint, etc, Is it a case of pick up thy bed and walk, Mr Moron is the prime minister not Jesus

  • like ! lally :) xxx

  • The Camerons also used services which are provided by a charity, which is now, because of his heartlessness, are under threat of closure.

  • He's definitely lost it - Let him suffer as we Fibromites - and others with invisible illnesses do - then let's see him continue this charade with health and welfare reforms. Grrrrrrrrrrr!! I cannot stand being how I am - let him be me - and try to 'make an attempt to get better' - the stupid eejit! PFTT!


    Carol xx

  • If i had one wish it would be that Cameron would have a day or a week would be better with all what we have to cope with and see how he gets on he would also have to live in one of our homes not his luxury home. what i'd like to say to him is'nt printable. soft hugs to all xx

  • Looked again at last night's quote in the Evening Standard. A bit double edged - not clear whether he not he said it, but 'he was due to add' 'For those on sickness benefits too it might be reasonable for them to take more steps to improve their health. He suggested people with a bad back could be required to accept free physiotherapy so they can get back to work',

    So let me see now - what steps shall I take?? I go and see my GP if needed, attend hospital appointments (if they're not cancelled) follow the advice of my physio and take my medication. Any other suggestions???


  • bathe in miracle water and be cured. which each one of us would b@!!$y do if it worked! none of us like not working! we all do what we are told and more but its not enough apparently. I think they should come and stay in our house for a day and realise what its like.

  • Ha Free PHysio, does he not realise this is limited to six sessions, I must admit however that my physiotherapist was very good and gave me more sessions of Physio/ accupuncture than I should have had. sadly she told me they had to stop and to keep positive. The accupuncture helped a great deal, now i am in a lot more pain again.

  • It angers me that what they are doing they call 'reforms' when in reality they are cuts! and punitive ones at that.

  • Oh this stupid man makes my fibro worse, so if he wants us to help ourselves to get better, then he should do the decent thing and get out of goverment.....oh did I say decent...he doesn't know the meaning of the word..LOL @ lally...that what I call him Mr Moron....Caroline52, you forgot excercise.....you must do an hour of cardio every day....

  • OOps - naughty me! LOL


  • physio what's that ?!! got told by a moronic physio to run & up & down stairs & push myself to the limit!? Shouted across waiting room " Remember to keep up your pelvic floor exercises!" as I was leaving? WTF never even metioned that in the room? He can join the NUMPTY CLUB! David Cameron & his advisers are free members!

    mummmble mummlbe rant rant Grrrrrrrr!!!*@

    dottiedog xxx

  • Sorry I had to laugh at Cameron's comment. He is definatly not on this planet ... I think he needs a reality check.

    Yes, people who are paralysed are all of a sudden going to start walking again are they? People with heart conditions all of a sudden going to heal and the heart is going to regenerate itself?

    Yes Mr. Cameron, you keep living in your dream world. Keep this up you will be a bigger comedian than Jimmy Carr.

  • He is a fool. Nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately he is a very rich fool who has bought his way through life and h cannot even imagine what it could be like not to be able to do that. If he claimed benefits for his son, it is probably the first and only time he had any involvement with the public sector in his life. NOTHING he could say or do would surprise me.


  • The Idiot can't see that it's costing more stopping our EAS than us getting it!!! Appeals do not come cheap...the judge, doctor etc get more money in one hour than we got in a week or even two weeks....someone wants to do their sums d---heads!! and these people are running our country! god help us all.


  • Op's now I'm being an idiot like them...ESA I meant!! lol

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