Dr's and Fibromyalgia

Dr's here in Northern Ireland don't seem to understand, or care what Fibromyalgia is all about, what pain and suffering we have to go through. They think we're making it all up. I can't get anything stronger than Paracentamol for my pain, they're like taking smarties, I don't get any relief from the pains, and my Dr won't give me anything stronger. I think all Dr's should be more sympathetic towards all with Fibromyalgia, they are to people who have MS, and some of our symptoms are the same to what they have.

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  • Hi lurganlass, I'm sorry you seem to be getting such a rough deal with your Dr but I must say my dr is brilliant. I live in Lisburn and attend Drs practise not too far from Lurgan. Don't get me wrong their are 3 main Drs in the practise and while Dr (who I deal with) is great the other 2 main Drs don't believe fibromyalgia actually exists. Dr has gone the extra mile and has attended conventions and done everything he can to find out as much as possible bout the condition. It's because of him I can go about my day and not suffer too much pain wise although I do suffer from tiredness. I've been a sufferer for 20 yrs and I've been hospitalised on quite few occasions due to the pain, side effects from medications and other conditions which have been an effect of fibromyalgia itself but I count myself 1 of the lucky few to have such an understanding Dr.

    I hope you find a Dr who understands what you are going through on a daily basis xx

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  • Thank you, Lisburn would be too far away, and they wouldn't take me on their books. If Moria surgery won't take me, then there's no hope of Lisburn.

  • Lurganlass,

    You have just knocked my hopes of Moira surgery taking me.

    I will soon be moving to Craigavon and had heard of the Dr at Moira who was good with fibro.

    Lurgan is closer to Moira than Craigavon so Moira Surgery would be a non runner for me.

    My present Dr is OK in that she's not to dogmatic, I can talk to her, she is willing to try,, but I don't think I could keep her as she is in Belfast.

    I honestly dread trying to find a new Dr, if you find a Dr half way enlightened or one that even seems to have a glimmer of understanding please let me know.

    Best Wishes, Ray

  • I will Ray. There's a Dr Lee in Craigavon Hospital who is very sympathetic towards Fibromyalgia, I heard he's the Head man there, so getting an appointment to see him, would be like 'hens teeth'.

    My Dr thinks ?I don't need to see him.

  • Go online to a Fibro website that explains what it is and the symptoms, print it out and take or send to your doc, Google is really good.

  • I agree !!!

  • I want to Thank you in replying. Do you think if I wrote to that Dr in Moria, he might take me on? I've tried Moria Surgery, and I'm away outside the Boundary. I've been round all the Surgerys in Lurgan, but not one Dr sympathies with Fibromyalgia, and God firbid if I go into my Dr for anything else other than fibromyalgia, 'cause he puts everything down to Fibromyalgia . I'm now having to use a rollaitor to get about, because of my off balance whilst walking. I'm 57, and I feel like I'm old before my time. I should be out there enjoying life, but I'm laden with this diease...sorry can't spell, and nobody wants to know.

    I've even thought of Donacloney Surgery, but don't know if they'd even take me.

  • You can request a information packet to be sent to your doctor.

  • From where would I get this information to send?

  • Hi Lurganlass and welcome to our lovely site πŸ˜ƒ

    If you type in FMAuk into your browser, it should come with one titled FMA UK (Fibromyalgia Association) - From Lindsey Middlemiss click on that and then you will get to the end of what Lindsey has written and on the right hand side of the page under "most read content" is

    'Information pack'

    I hope that gets you the right thing you need to help you πŸ˜€

    Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Foggy x

  • Thanks foggy!!! I got a little busy there for a bit.

  • Not a problem, I'm used to doing itπŸ‘πŸ» been here over two years, so vaguely know my way around occasionally if the fibro fog clears for a brief moment πŸ˜€

    Foggy x

  • Hi lurganlass Info pack for medical professionals that includes dentists too, from www fmauk.org

    follow link on information/help.

    Best idea is when you get you booklet make an appointment take your booklet and say something like I want to talk about treatment plan for Fibro. Maybe ask for Rheumatology referral at same time!

  • So many of us know your story. FM is not a disorder it is a disease!

    The FDA and NIH asked the IOM (Institute of Medicine) to examine and evaluate the conditions. They decided and published their decision in February of this year and recommended renaming ME/CFS/FM, SEID. It's a clumsy name, one I've had to reread several times to remember. But it stands for Systemic Exercise Intolerance DISEASE.

    Maybe the public and the medical professionals will stop considering us hypochondriacs and people with just a "syndrome" that means, well, we don't know what you have, so live with it and take NSAIDS or paracetomal (sp?).

    So if it isn't obvious, I am getting ready to start a crusade in my part of the US to get this new acronym and classification known!

  • In my part of the USA, everyone knows what Fibromyalgia is , or at least heard the name . Lots of TV ads for meds for this thing we have ( syndrome).😞

  • Oh yeah, I agree. Lots of TV ads here too. Problem is the doctors and even the public don't really get it. And I'll say I have FM to some people and they'll say, so do I, but don't want to share experiences, so I wonder if they do. Not my place to judge, especially seeing that it is too often the invisible disease.

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with ascertaining the treatment that you so desperately desire and deserve.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • I have a friend who lives in Ireland who has fibromyalgia and gets fantastic treatment I shall ask what doctor and consultant she see's and there is a fibro Ireland that will support you. I shall get the details of that too. Ive been so lucky with my doctor in a lot of ways, hugs x

  • Thank you.

  • I agree. I take paracodol but they are useless. I am just trying to work through the pain.

  • Trying to work thru the pain will wear you down. You have to get relief or your pain threshold will get to high.

  • Did you know this site can send information to your doctor as well? My friend says she lives in Ireland not Northern Ireland so cannot help sorry, there is FSNI (fibromyalgia support Northern Ireland) website which may help and you could type into google doctors in (where you live) who specialize in fibro and see if there are any otherwise you need to see a different doctor for a second opinion which your legally entitled to do. In the mean time you can buy stronger painkillers or go to A+E and see if they will give you stronger painkillers due to the pain your in and ask to be reffered to a consultant/specialist while your there. See if you have anyone local to you on here who has better experience from their doctor.

  • Hi, just go to another dr. Keep going until you get proper pain relief. They have a duty of care to you. X

  • I am so sorry, I cannot even imagine how you live each day without mess that give you some kind of pain relief . Do you have Pain Clinics that can give you something stronger ?

  • I'm going to pain clinic today, 04/08/15, to see if I can get something done about my neck, I've been given exercises for it, but makes it very sore for rest of day. I've been waiting a year and 4 months for a repeat of needles and stuff that goes into back. I've been told very long waiting lists. I shall be asking Dr today when will I get my injections into my back.

  • Went to Pain Dr. And he said he will send me to Tens Clinic for my neck, and when my appointment comes up for my back, he will XRay my neck to see why I'm hurting so much. God knows how long I will have to wait for that appointment!

    After he had hurt my neck more by finding trigger points, when I got home I took an angina attack, wether it was him pressing all the pressure points brought it on, or my Stress levels had been high, I don't know. Didn't last long after I sprayed under my tounge (sorry fibromyalgia fog).

    Where does fibromyalgia pain start? Don't know if I've ever had them.

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