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Did you know that not sleeping is a sign of beingvery intelligent

Hello again

Thank goodness for you all, another night that I can not

sleep, I have had three good days with not a lot of pain

but today that has changed

I wonder why this happens, I am not stressed, had a few

nice walks with my husband and dog not to far sat by the

sea and chilled out.

And still it comes its like the grim reaper waiting for you

well he can have a big kick up the bum.

this is the first time I have had good days for 3 years so

not complete pain free but enough.

trouble is it makes you think it has gone.

And then it creeps back very gently at first and then BANG

out comes the pain medication

well I have been to bed and I am now downstairs sat on the

sofa, its not to late only 01.11. and I cant hear my husband

making that allful snoring noise at the moment the music of

the snore can be heard through out the house, but not yet

not even the dig in the ribs stop it he just turns over and

starts again in another key more like his mouth slaping together

as well as snoring, I have wondered if he could make other

sounds as well, NO I know he can make the sound that you are

all thinking about thats a mans thing and it does not go with the

snoring not in tune. enough to put you off men that is if the

medication has not already done so. no I am not going to

kill him tonight hes lovely realy, just SHUT UP JUST A THREAT


If he starts I will have to go and have a bar of chocolate, no

cake left had that 3 nights ago. now the dog thinks he would

like to expore the garden so I will go and make a cup of some

thing then spend the rest of the night having to have a wee

oh bliss what a life, could be worse have to think of how. but

I feel sure that it could be

Keep happy everyone as that helps, and have a bar of chocolate

even if you think you are fat you deserve it.

gentle hugs from the snore widow

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aww sorry your having a bad night but join the club..but you have made me son stopt last night and brought some eclairs.when he got up this morn they`d gone...i said that the cat ate em.he just looked at me muttered something and went back upstairs....then i heard him laughing.he calls me "Mrs eat anything"...he`s right,anything to do wi choc and its gone,its only in the past couple of yrs that iv had a sweet tooth.i think it must be a FM symptom lol,lots of lv and fluffy hugs fm me :) xx


Good in the Middle of the Night gerisly

cant say good morning as its not dont know what to say when its

night time any way good middle of the night to you

I want to know where you live as I love eclairs, I am willing to put

my hand down your sofa just in case you have left one behind I

will even take the fluff off it not that I am saying your house

is fluffy but down the side of my sofa you would not like to go

peanuts from husband I expect down mine

I know what you mean about chocolate husband puts it in the

fridge and I nearly break my teeth on it but you just have to

give it a go, I do try and suck it but without much luck end up

eating it all.

Sorry what a lot of rubbish I have put just me in the middle of

the night spooky things bump into the window you know not sure if

it is moths but not going to look just in case.

Thanks for your reply always nice to know some one else is

up as well,

love and hugs to you as well but if we dont stop eating chocolate

we might have problems with the hugs as we will be to big to put

arms round people, still who cares


Good too early in the morning to you too x

Funny I don't have the chocolate craving but might manage a doughnut lol


morning viven, so many of us fibromyalgia suffers are highly intelligent and i totally agree with you title.

however Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is well established cause of nightly wakes, along with irritable bladder and muscle pain.

however i am of the view hypoglycemia is the cause in many cases. i have posted some very interesting articles i have read on this and which i found extremely helpful.

i personally believe in sarah myhill view on treating and am glad to report my waking episodes are reduced.

good lluck clever lady, hope you enjoy the read, let me know

Happe <3


Hello Happe

Well good Morning as it is now 10.00 in the morning I feel

like the walking dead and look like them as well and what

is worse i even walk like one, but never mind tomorrow is

another day and husband can always walk in front of me.

Thank you for the information I will go and look at the information

that you have put dont think its low sugar as I have tested it

before, but not in the evening and I am open to any help

like most of us are try anything to be normal again.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me I will

let you know what I think when I have read it

take care Viv


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