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GP TROUBLE - CAN I CHANGE GP'S ??????????????????

Basically don't think any of my GP's are any good for fibro CFS and really tempted to change ......... All she seems to want to do is try different anti depressants now wants me to try duloxetine then says that's all she has to offer but I can arrange for some councelling myself well hey I'm not mentally ill !! ............saw another younger male GP new to the practice and when my husband asked does he believe in fibro his reply was its not whether he believes in it but if he can make me feel better !!!!!!!!!! From that I take it NO he doesn't believe ..........there is one more new GP I havnt seen yet don't know if she's worth a try otherwise how do I change GP and may get someone worse !! Thought of writing to all the other town GP's see if anyone is more up on fibro ............anyone else have this trouble ???????

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Hi lavender - have any of your GPs referred you to a rheumatologist?

I really think they should have! If not, maybe you should insist that they do so. You need to have a proper diagnosis and specialist advice. You do have a right to a referral to a consultant, so maybe that should be your next step.

Love Moffy x


You most certainly can change your gps .... I was on the verge of doing so when my new GP (old one retired) upset me . I came on here and asked for advise and I took one option offered and wrote a letter to my GP explaining how he had upset me how I felt etc.... He phoned the afternoon he received it and has been absolutely brilliant ever since we now have a great patient dr relationship.

Good luck with whichever option you choose

VG x


I have seena rheumatologist who simply diagnosed me there and then handed me a leaflet and sent me on my merry way !!!! No follow up appointments no treatment no help blah blah it all comes from my GP who is running out of patience I fear - I did get sent on pain management course last year part of which told me I should be claiming DLA and infact helped me fill the forms in - sadly it got threw out because of my GP's report that said I have no problems getting to surgery or looking after 4 children !!!!!!!!!!!! Despite the fact hubby takes me to the surgery and looks after children does school runs cooks etc etc if your own GP isn't behind you what chance do you stand - soooo heartbreaking !!!



If you feel your GP is not supportive of you then of course you can change, either to one in the same practice or to another practice completely, ask your family and friends for recommendations. One of the most important things in dealing with this illness is a GP who helps you.


Well she would probably be upset if I said she didn't help - she has given endless antidepressants sent me for scan re my IBS etc so wwouldnt say she has done nothing but she was very curt with me on fri saying she has no magic wand what have I come for ?????? The other young gp isn't much help either - there is one more new gp I could see in few weeks but my gp wants me to try this duloxetine next week so said I will then we can eliminate it if it doesn't help you just feel you're totally wasting your time going don't you ?? Very difficult


Hi Lavender

It sounds as though you don't feel listened to. You feel as though your GP just wants you out of the surgery as quick as possible. The fact that they are prepared to say that you are able to get to the surgery and look after your family, when in fact you can only do so with your husband's help, sounds to me as though they are not recognising the impact of this illness on you. I have been 'dismissed' in this way by both a neurologist, and a rheumatologist! I have to say my GPs are great, very patient and understanding, but of course there is not much they can do. They offer me medication, and talk through the options with me, but treatment for fibro is more about symptom management, and what works for one person doesn't work for another. Having said that, you need to feel that they recognise what you are going through, and are prepared to work WITH you.

I think you have to explore the possibility of finding a more understanding doctor. You don't say where you are, but if there is a fibro support group in your area you could ask for other people's expereinces, or ask on here, there may be someone close who can recomend a GP.

Failing that, I think a letter, as VG suggested is a good idea. You can draft it, and make sure it is clear but not confrontational before you send it. Also, it gives the GP time to consider his / her response, rather than feeling 'put on the spot' in a clinic appointment.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.




Its all very difficult as she has helped in certain areas but not others so not totally behind me I fear.....I had to ask for a sick note on friday (self employed and never had once since 1990 so simply dont know what to do with it but thats another story) she asked me "why what do you do ??? " so in all this time she has I think presummed I am lady of leisure with nothing more to do but complain of being ill !! especially now she filled the DLA claim form in, I do get to surgery yes because hubby takes me but doestn always come in the room for my appt he waits outside but she wouldnt know how I get to surgery from her office, now ofcourse hubby comes in with me for what its worth.....likewise I do have 4 children but she wouldnt know if I looked after them or not she never asks so how can she know !!!!! she has never actually asked how this has impacted upon my day to day life nor asked what I can and cant do....... she just gives me tabs for my IBS when thats bad (she did send me for a scan I admit but nothing shown up) so on one hand she seem vaguely helpful but has no real idea how it affects all our lives and never even asks the question..... I dont even know what to do with a sicknote ha ah !!!...........I am sure they think we are either mentally ill, depressed individuals or scroungers wanting nothing more than a good claim, despite the fact I am 52 and have worked since I was 16 , had a career, ran 4 shops of my own the last of which I had to close in 2010 as I simply couldnt run it anymore, never had more than 2 weeks off in over 25 years and even that was when I had a major jaw op but was back in the shop in 2 weeks...............just makes you want to give up, curl up on the sofa and never move again,,,,,thats just how I feel at the moment !!! .............very fed up :(



sorry to hear you're going through this. I've recently done some research into this for my own purposes. Contact your local Patient Advisory and Liaison Service, PALS, you can locate them online. Inform them of your problem and plan to write to your GP, and ask if you can copy them in to your letter. Write your GP a letter regarding your concerns and request a written response, In terms of actually changing your GP, you can do this simply by registering at another surgery. PALS may be able to tell you of any surgeries which are more understanding of fibro, or point you in the direction of those who can.

All the best with this.



With the wonders of the internet now you can look up surgeries and see what GP's specialisein. If they have an interest in rheumatology and/or complimentory therapies it's worth giving them a go and writing to ask of they'll take you on. My daughter ( not a sufferer) changed her doctor on the strength of how comfortable she feels talking to them. People with other conditions seem to have no issue with this. Our condition seems to make us more considerate of other people's feelings somehow. Our GP is there to look after us....not the other way round.......BUT. the fact is their hands are tied with government guidelines. They have to work within sometimes even the best doctors can seem in helpful.

There's a lot we can do for ourselves with pacing, gentle exercise and diet. Detoxing and finding out what our triggers are, physically and emotionally. It's just one of those things that we have a condition that can't be treated and cured. Learning to live with it and minimising its impact helps with acceptance of it.....with or without a doctors help x


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