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Does any one suffer badly from head aches. I have always suffered from head aches/migranes since my teens and the older ive gotten the worse they seem to be!!!!! At one stage i was suffering from a head ache every day and the docs had tried me on migrane tablets and also beta blockers. I am at the minute suffering from headaches which feels as if my head is about to explode!!!!! but not sure if it is due to the pregablin or the weather.

Take Care

Jo x

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  • yes ive been there, i was given migra max 900mg/10mg. and if the first one doesnt work you can take another. i have found if i drink more water it really does help, along with a nap.

    head aches have really got me down and feeling like i, in a fog and not being able to think has brought me down ive started taken some vitamins and its real help me. all the best heather

  • Hi Heather

    thank you for your reply. what vitamins do you take? as i have been thinking about trying vitamin d as seemingly with fm there can be a lack of this. I do feel as if i am here but not if that makes sense.

    take care

    jo x

  • Hi i get alot of tension headaches which Dr told me was all part of fibro. when i have a realy bad one which is like migraines fell sick cant stand day light i take diazepam which gets rid of it. I've also heard we could be lacking vit d. dont know if Dr has to test you to see if you are or not. soft hugs xx

  • Hi Jo I have suffered migraine from my teens. Over the last few months I have been having daily headaches but they began to alter as to where they were, so my Dr immediatley referred me to Neurologist, who referred me urgently for an MRI scan on Brain and neck. Severe sinusitus and shoulder impingement was found. So don't ignore headaches!!!!!

    Soft hugs,

    Sue x x x

  • hi sue

    thank you for your reply. in dec my doc referred me to a neurologist who then sent me for a head mri scan as they werent sure if i had ms which thankfully my scan came back all clear, although the neurologist doesnt want to see me again as it is then down to fm.....

    i am at the docs on monday again and will stress to him about the headaches i have been getting. still not ready to go back to work so hopefully i will be able to get another note from the doc.

    take care

    jo x

  • Hi Jo, I think this everyday headache I have must be inflammation as I find a Beecham Powder with a couple of caffine tablets gets me out of the fog and I can drive with confidence. I also found I've had less pain since taking 1000mg Omega 3 tablet everyday. As for vitD, I take that with a high dose of magnesium every morning. I don't wake up with bad leg pains in the middle of the night now. It's been a matter of 'suck it and see'. But I have a lot of good days now.

    Keep trying new ideas.

    Fibromite. xx

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