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Sorry I wasn't around on the weekend

Hi everyone I missed you all over the weekend but I was in so much pain that I didn't/couldn't move off the bed except when absolutly neccesary!

I had my hernia op almost 2yrs ago and Despite checks with the specialists I still get the exact pain as though the hernia was still there, Its worse than giving birth!!!

I still have twinges but am able to do a few thingsand am resting again.

We are signing for our new bungalow on friday so hubby has been hard at it potting up all the plant we are taking with us and unscrewing all the many trelases he made with us too -we have arches and allsorts that hubby built which is to expensive to remake. The new placehas such a lovely peacefull aurer we know this is going to be the last move we make, for me it will be my 25th move!!

hugs poppy xxx

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wow and i thought i had moved a lot :)

i hope everything goes well for you ,and your new home is lovely for you both

and i hope you the hernia dosnt give you anymore pain xxxx


Hi poppy,

Best wishes on your house move, we keep saying we would like to move to a bungalow. We are not getting any younger and it would be much easier if one of us has to nurse/lookafter the other - they don't seem to build many bungalows these days and are so expensive!

Like you, we have moved quite a bit so I don't envy you all that hard work. Take things easy and hopefully your hernia problem won't flair up again :(

Yes, it's a good idea to take all your garden bits and bods - it would be too expensive to replace everything. Good luck, here's to many good years in your new home. xxx


Thankyou lynz/ finlay

luckily for me its all on hubbys shoulders this time I will be sat giveing out the orders lol!

hugs poppyxx


All the very best with your move Poppy, go steady no running marathons!!!

A bungalow sounds like a good place to move to.

When is your moving date?

Soft Hugs x x x x



hi sue, we're not sure but we sign on friday so it wont be long,

hugs poppy xxx


Hi poppy hope your pain has eased. gosh you have moved alot we've only moved 5 times. all the best with the move and don't over do it. its going to make life a lot easier for you i should think. all the best and happiness to you both. soft hugs xx


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