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Sorry to be a stranger, but I have a very good excuse :)

Hi Everyone,

I do hope that you all managing to cope with this horrid condition, I am sorry that I haven't made contact in such a long time, but I have some wonderful news to share with you :)

Almost 2 weeks ago I got married to the most wonderful man, it was a bolt out of the blue for both of us, because neither of us were looking for a partner & certainly never thought either one of us would remarry.

We met just 3 months ago & just fell in love, he is 60yrs & I am about to turn 53 yrs old, both divorced for 10+ years, but we are extremely happy to have found each other .... We are soul mates as well as husband & wife. He understands my medical needs & I understand his, he is also disabled, neither of us are 'carers' but we care for each other if that makes sense

Chat soon

hugs Jane xx

the new Mrs Austin

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congratulations to you both! :D


Many congratulation to Mr & Mrs Austin may you live long and prosper xgins


Hello, :)

This is such wonderful news! :D Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I guess all there is to say is congratulations to you both.


wanderingwallflower xx


Congratulations, wishing you both many years of happiness :-) :-)

Foggy x


Jane Austin! Wonderful news, and I wish you every happiness with lots of Pride, and very little Prejudice! :)

Moffy x


I love these stories so much.

And I definitely believe fate has a helping

Hand in all this sort of thing.

Congratulations and good luck for the


Bibi x


congratulations and may find happiness always ...Dee xx


Congratulations Mrs Austin!

It is truly wonderful when you meet that someone special, especially when you weren't looking or had given up on love.

I thank god every single day for my husbanana.


Patience comes with age

Finding love at this stage

Creates a perfect life

For the new man and wife

Be happy through the years

And love each other well

No more lonely tears

From your faces love will tell


Congratulations to both of you, may you have many happy years together. It makes such a difference to difficulties in life if you can share them with someone who understands, you can help each other through the tough times and laugh together at the silly things that happen in life!


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