Hi it's Billie , sorry I haven't been on here for ages ,but I am back now . X

    Hi it's Billie , sorry I haven't been on here for ages ,but I am back now . X

Cosmetic surgery , I have been feeling very low an in pain . In July my hubby gave me the best birthday present ever it was cosmetic surgery, he didn't really want me to have it he thinks I look great ' didn't feel like that' . I had my eye lids upper and lower its call blepharoplasty upper and lower at a private hospital in Aberdeen . I had no pain ever in my eyes and look and feel great I have my confidence back again 'I love it' I can assure you it was worth every penny . I still have the rotten pain and fatigue from you fibro but look better not looking tired with my saggy eyelids lol! . Xx Billie

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  • What a lovely gift,if you look better it makes you feel a bit better.

  • Than you and yes I do feel tons better ! Wish I could feel better on the inside . X

  • Wow, you're braver than me I'm a nervous wreck going to the dentist 😳

  • You look great, I would love to have my hair like yours, start off ok but in no time I'm sporting the bird nest look. xxx

  • Wow!! Well done you. What a great hubby you have. Isn't it funny that we all have one thing about ourselves that we are so conscious about. You go girl 🐸

  • Sounds as though you have a lovely OH. My friend had hers done and a!so has been over the moon about the results. X

  • You look fabulous and that what's important, yes, it would be good to come up with vaccine to cure the insides aswell !!! Long may your confidence continue :)

    Thank you for sharing your lovely pic :) xx

  • Hi Billysmini

    Welcome back to the forum, and it is wonderful to hear from you. Well done with the surgery and you look great for it. I am not brave enough to have anything like that done.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Looking lovely lucky you, I'm sure I would have a bit of cosmetic surgery if I could afford it. Good for you, does wonders for the confidence.

    Luv Jan x

  • Hiya janet28 , thank you for your very kind words it was making me miserable looking as it did . I would do it again today if I had to lol , I didn't have any pain whatsoever the surgeon he's retired and only does private and he is meant to be the best and I can see why . I think being in constant pain didn't help always being tired , now I can be in pain and tired ' but look OK ' lol hope you have a pain free day . Xx Billie

  • I always wanted my droopy upper eyes done but haven't had the guts to do it glad it all went well, it does make you a lot more confidence well done x

  • Hiya korakes please don't worry regarding pain as I haven't had any at all . It's the first time I have had any surgery at all but I went into the theatre I was laughing and couldn't wait for them to get started lol. It took 4 hours under general and a overnight stay , when I woke up 6 pm my surgeon was their and later he came back to see me before he went home and back first thing . So please don't be worried about having any cosmetic surgery it's great . Hope you have a pain free day . Xxx Billie

  • You look beautiful.....Now you can face the world and a new day with a different

    mindset. Wishing you well with the pain and fatigue of Fibro. Take care.

  • Bless you, you look fantastic....I understand completely what you mean my eyes are really terrible at the moment.

    People who don't suffer with Fibro/ME don't have any comprehension of how things affect us.....keep smiling!!!!

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