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hi everyone, im new today and i want to say hi an look forward to reading how everyone copes or tries new meds.I have friends who think im faking my pain because they think i have no problems walking ect. But i just take extra tablets and hide my pain when we go out because i dont push my illness on people. i dont want sympathy.

Today my arms and fingers hurt like billeo and this has now taken me 10 min. to write. i am fatigued but i am going to enjoy the sun today even if i pay for this tomorrow and the rest of the week. hope you all have a fab day!!

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  • hello you will find this lovely site very good take care love beth

  • Hi

    I am quite new also and just wanted to say welcome and I hope you find this site and the great people as helpful as I do. It's so nice not to have to explain Fibro as everyone knows! Fairy hugs x

  • hi there! a big big welcome! know what you mean about the hands - my son told me off recently because i didnt clap when he received a certificate. how do you tell an 8yo that it hurts too much!?

    have a great day xx

  • hiya welcome to the family of love and understanding and all our funny fibro fog days lol petal

  • Hi, i havent been here long , but its a very friendly caring site, its nice to meet you, i can certainly empathise with you. :)

  • thank you everyone you have made my day!! time for a nap. xx

  • hi ziggyinhants,

    just started using this site last week & I love it! You feel so comforted by all the friendly folks that use this.

    The Fibro Family are all there for you.

    soft hugs xxx dottiedog

  • Hi and a very warm welcome to the site i am sure you will find you have lots in common with most of us on here and more importantly you wont feel like a freak any more or that you are alone in this horrible fibro roundabout we are all on you will hopefully have lots of laughs on here and hear some sad things to but we are all here for each other in what ever mood we are all in if you want to rant youy go ahead iif you want to blog blog away and if you want to just read the blogs then you do that lol you do wha ever you want on here lol love toi you and hope to chat again soon love diddle x

  • welcome to you hope you enjoy this site i do its like extended family where we can all talk about how we feel and no one judges us and everyone on here knows how each other feels xx

  • Hiya n welcome (feels strange saying that lol ) as I am new also only joined yesterday, but I have already been made to feel very welcome by everyone and that in itself has lifted my self esteem. Try not to worry about what other people think you and we all know what you are going through, so if you ever want to talk there are so many people you could talk to so I hope you will feel like I do - I feel loved at last lol Im not having a good day today feel like im 90 or something lol take care n will hopefully speak to you again soon. hugs n stuff, mystique xxxx

  • Hi there,

    A warm welcome to you. I only joined this group yesterday too and I'm glad I did! It's a shame that people think that because they can't see FM that it's either all in your head or there's actually nothing wrong with you! It's tough but try not to let it get you down (easier said than done). All the best xx

  • Hi, I'm new too and this place is fantastic. Nobody argues or tells you how you 'must' feel and you can just be you - it's fab. Hope you enjoy being involved!xx

  • Welcome to the site, I have learned loads since joining a few months ago x

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