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our wedding anniversary today

Eleven yrs today i married my lovely hubby :)

we have done so much in that eleven years ,we have lived in 6 houses together ,had 3 boys togeter ,aswell as bringing up my two girls aswell ,

weve moved to some lovely houses and some not so good ,weve had i think if remember right atleast 15 cars ! lol all bangers ,but they did the job :)

a usless exhusband who dissapears abroad ,and never has given his fair share

towards the girls ,only to reapear to disrupt their lives ,my husband has never moaned about this situation and brings the girls up as his own ,he really is a jem ,love him very much

its been very hard at times very stressful lol but we got through it ,

and now i have this awful fibro hes there for me ,and really couldnt be without him

somtimes he dosnt really understand but he does try ,i couldnt ask for any more ,except for him not to go to football today!

we will go out for dinner tomorrow lunchtime as i cant really function after 7pm

hope everyone has a lovely weekend xxx

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happy anniversary Lynz. am heartened to hear you're now with a man who cherishes you and yours. he does sound like a gem. enjoy your meal out together, and enjoy the rest of today too x


Happy Anniversary Lynz. You are a very lucky girl in a lot of ways.

You have a lovely husband and a wonderful family. I'm really happy for you xxxxxx


Happy Anniversary and you sound like you got yourself one hell of a guy ther any man that takes on and brings up another mans kids is worth there weight in gold he is a diamond and he sounds like he looks after you well too

yes he does not always understand fibro but do you? and i struggle woth it at times but i know if the tables were turned i would struggle to understand it soi dont be too hard on him he is with you because he wants to be and you have been through alot together and all these things make us stronger so you carry on loving each other and let him have his footy match bless him love to you diddle x


wishing you both a very happy anniversary

hope you have many more good years to come..

have a gr8 day love and hugs pammy :)


happy anniversary


Happy aniversary lynz,

Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow, men ehh football always comes first lol.

kel xxxx


congratulations--hope you have a nice day---really important that he has some time for himself ---football or what ever it is --music with my husbad


Sorry meant to say-- he sounds great--- keep telling him how much you love him--a few words goes a long way


Congrats Lynz ( and hubby of course ! )



Happy Anniversary Lyns, you've got a great hubby in Jase and lovely kids. Enjoy your lunch tomorrow. See you Monday. Luvya xx


hello you !!!! thank you hun :) xxxxx


Happy Anniversary Lynz, Have a fab time tmrw. Dont blame ya, by 7 I am done in.

Football, Rugby, Cricket, Darts, Live or televised, My hubby would watch tiddly winks, if they were on LOL, drives me crazy.

Lou x


Happy Anniversary Lynz, enjoy your meal too. xx


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