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I'm a great kid

I got sort of mutual dumped today ..been with him 2months Xmas eve night friend of a friend..after 1st month just like having a mate over for dinner and a sleep over..I was about to end it last week say let's just stay friends but I did ask did he actually want to be with Mr ..of course don't be silly...well I could see it friends could see it so I knew..but hen he said dont be silly I didn't end it..but he told me he just wasn't boyfriend material and it's unfair of him to not be able to give me what I need want and should have..or fair on him..we had long chat it as mutual but I'm sad and I cried...I put 100%in got nothing back..we were just friends..but he said you lovely your lovely co mmm any I thought b4 i knew you you were a miserable snob lol chArming bug I was so wrong your A GREAT KID....I'm 47 but I'm a great kid... he did tell me he felt like a cradle as del snatched cos I look young...but I'm 47so coming from a guy who was till this morning my boyfriend today to be called a great kid isn't really a nice thing to be that how he saw me as a kid not a woman? We're staying friends as b4 we went out..but if been crying a lot and don't feel at all well it's another set back..b4xmas last guy known years called me in text mags his ex girlfriends name I said to him if and when your over her babe we can try again 3 months he kept me hanging on...then said your right girl wrong time..if had right girl wrong time 4times is this the new it's not me it's you?''I give up just tho I g by I'd share my rotton day and make you laugh....KID LOL

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Oh, that's rough. Of course you're upset. But you know what, it really IS them, not you! You have to carry on being you, and liking yourself. Sounds like you knew it wasn't right. Learn to trust that feeling. Then you'll know when it is.

I'm a wee bit older than you, and I'm still a kid (at heart, lol! Body seems to be ageing a bit!) seems the best way to be! Who wants to be an old fogy?

Take care of yourself, you're definitely worth it.



Thank you lax f I'm still crying I shouldn't I knew it was coming it's just happening all the time..I just want a normal life ...with normal thing' my age it's all the left overs the ones no one wanted ..or the ones with so many issues you wouldn't believe..if my parents hadn't been stricked like they were I'd have found someone when I was young had a family and a life..but they were and now I'm always the right girl wrong time.I sho yo me write a book with that title lol


I suspect it's more like right girl wrong bloke. Like you say, it's hard to find someone who doesn't have tons of baggage! I guess what you need is someone who recognises he's got baggage and is ready to deal with it, or better still has already started down that road.

I used to have a friend whose favourite saying was (I have to whisper this bit so as not to offend VG). ''There's plenty more fish in the sea..... But who wants to go out with a fish?' And that's so right! Stop crying over your wet fish ex, and celebrate being you!


I heard that


Ooooops! Sorry (tries out sorry face) :-D



Sorry for this as any relationship is bad when it breaks up, I have been with my wife for 39 years but we do have four children two boys and two girls, the boys no probs but the girls really put all into their relationships so it was really bad and hard to comfort them. life does go on and as my girls say once bitten I bite first next time.

Seriously try to pick your self up with a change even if it is only a bit of different pictures on the wall, or even some pictures on the walls, have a nice meal, have some girls over and have a girly night (seems to work a bit for my girl who is on her own)

I know I am only a bloke but these are tried ideas.

Take care and kindest regards



Well I don't really have any grilles to invite my best friend is next door but she's sold up and moving soon but she's out with her boyfriend the others are married with kids I don't know many ppl.since I can't work and got I'll they disapear you can only say I don't feel well one two many times and you don't get asked just me my cats and funding rods and screws in spine..anemia cancer etc they soon dissapear sad but way it is sister has M.E she works one day or night for Samaritans and then she's done in ..if your single and a woman my age married women don't like you round their houses..when with someone I get invites when I'm not not a word. Just have to concentrate on me for now I'm not able for anymore rubbish...why I was looking for a support group in my area so I can find other ppl who have fibromyalgia hnd understand instead of disaperaing.well thanks for msg hope all works out ok for you x



Sending you warm comforting hugs x


Can't really add to what the others have wisely said

Thinking of you

VG xx


Thank you all very much I had a massive loud sob today got it out of system(for now) been sleeping got up 5pm had a roll and 3cups of tea and coffee..and took my meds I'd forgotten to take..they are making me . Lose time don't know where I am worried cos on my own worried il do something silly.this just didn't help..but that's life...mabe a fish be better lol do I want a shark or trout tho...Fed up of piranhas.thanks again xxxxx



If it is any help I didn't marry until I was 48. Like you I just had cats for company and what good company cats have always been.

Fibro was diagnosed a month before I married but I had had the condition for some years by then according to the Rheumy. Because of my ill health I took early retirement at 50.

My OH is 10 and a half years older than me and we just muddle along. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs and try to make the best of every day...not always easy when you are in pain.

DON"T give up hope. The right man is out there somewhere. Not working and having Fibro is very isolating and although I am now married I still feel quite lonely sometimes. I know exactly what you mean when you say that if you are with a man you get invited out but when you aren't you don't. It is very sad.

The boyfriend is the one with a problem...not you. You are worth better treatment than he has given you.

Cuddle your cats and eat something nice...chocolate or cake...perhaps?

Please don't do anything silly. Come on here and pour your heart out if you need to. We are all here for you.

Love and comforting hugs. Saskia XX


Thank you Saskia I don't want to do something silly I'm worried my meds are gonna make me do something like leave cooker on so I'm not cooking now I leave taps on and doors open and go out..that kind of silly...they are doping me up..the vitamin b12 didn't help me made me worse but they were nessisary...yes my cats are wonderful if you never had one you will never know how much love they give you..I have my finger Tom Garfield who has had both eyes removed he's so loving and no one leaves my playwright falling in love with him..the benefit lady who came cos I was down as living in a 3bed house I don't so she came to fill out forms left with tears in her eyes saying if you had left room he would be in my bag...he hugs puts his paws out to touch you he's incredible plays with toys goes in garden out cat flap and back in..he does every thing as normal as he can I have a blk and wht tom whos my shadow loves me so much..and I don't know what I'd do without him he's 16...and Diabetic...and I have little black playful monster with huge eyes and he sleeps on me kisses me they are the best friends u can have....if it wasn't for me having to get up inject my Felix morning and night and feed them and go shop for their food...I'd just stay in bed and sleep all the time..but they make me drag myself up..I got an invite to a film fund raising event tuesday I used to do makeup I have a friend and his niece who are taking me I don't want to go but they said will drag me out so il go for no more than 2hours cos I will end up sleeping for the week otherwise. Thank you again


Haven't been up long, so still half asleep! ......but I was thrilled to get your reply. I'll be in touch with you again later when I am a bit more with it!

Loved hearing all about your cats. They sound gorgeous. I had a one-eyed cat too. She had to have her right eye removed because of a corneal ulcer. She was so brave. Disabled animals are so special. Stephie used to put her paw out and touch the air like a blind person using a white sweet. She also used to pat my face. She passed away last September aged 15. I still miss her so much. She was a lovely girl. She was nearly drowned at 4 weeks by a farmer....makes me sick to think about it. My other 2 girls are sisters Sophie and Heidi. They are black and white and will be 11 this year. They were feral kittens found in a derelict building. They sleep with me and as I don't sleep very well they are a great comfort to me.

Now I need my porridge and my meds........

Have a good day. Cuddle your cats from me.

Love and hugs Saskia XX


Awww yeah Garfield he puts the paw out to touch he is amazing no eyes and he does everything and he know where everything is so I can't change anything lol but he jumps up on sofa cos he knows the height he climbs up on the bed I help him when I see him but he usually does ok..yes they are special and mine are my kids and I put them b4 me I was so I'll today but needed cat food so I had to drag myself out to shop on my scooter I was foggy headed and in pain I didn't even put make up on and that's not easy for me no makeup. Lol nice talking to you.


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