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it is now 12.30 am and all i am thinking is 4 more hours and ican get up and then as soon as the street lights start going on at 5.30 am i can then walk my lil doggy up to yhr top of the road and back again all of 5 mins but he enjoys it ( not sure he enjoys the early mornings lol) he jus lifts his head and opens 1eye when i first go down.

ok i think i had better turn this off now and just lay here until 4.30 comes around i dont want to start not coming up stairs and sleeping on the sofa as that would be a really bad habit to get into i would rather do everything like i normally do and then i may evenyually get back into some sort of sleep pattern (please)

goodnight to you all or should i say goodmorning as it is really love to you diddle x

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morning diddle, have just woken up and trying to fight my way through the stew tha is my brain. waiting for stiffness to ease and painkillers to kick in. xxx


hi i am up lol took me 15 mins to uncurl myself and stretch out my limbs am now sitting having cup of tea and waiting for street lights to come on in 5 mins so i can take my lil doggy up the road for5 mins and get my legs moving love to you diddle x


Good day Diddle :)

I find that I have extreme problems getting out of bed in the morning. Even when I don't take my meds, I feel so exhausted it's like I'm drugged so Im inclined to stay in bed :(

Your pup sounds lovely! Im happy he helps you to get some exercise. I'veeem to motivat tried to go walking but just can't seem to motivate myself.



Hi Diddle,

I sleep wherever i can get sleep lol


Hello Diddle

Well here I am 12.30 the next day still waiting to go to sleep

a few hours and then I am off to work,

I would like to take the dog out at 4.30 before I go but

I dont think he would be to keen, and its dark where I

live and thats when the bogie man comes out, at least

in the films he does, so I wont chance that althought at

my age I should be that lucky anyway I would not be

able to run thats a sure thing.

limp one hop one so that might put him off, so I might

try going out for a walk you never know I may get lucky

Anyway husband is making so much noise its makiing me

cross I have tried to poke him in the back that does not work

tried coughing loudly does not work, why are they so selfish

and go to sleep when I cant where oh where has the romance

gone, maybe its the thick pink bed sock I have on or maybe

its the PJs.with a cardigan, no cant be that I am sure I look

sexy and I smell nice with the rub I have put on cant think

what it could be.

sleep well tonight diddle hugs viv


hi yes i am same would love to take out doggy at 4.30 but street lights off til 5.30 so have to wait til then as it not nice in the dark i same i would frighten antone that time morning lol actually i dont see anyone out i often think to myself i am not the only person in this town with a dog am i ? oh well it is now 1 am still no sllep hopefully sat at same point i will have a nap but douby it it is getting beyond a joke now this no sleeping ha ha cant be any worse than me i wear all in one fleecey suit pink bed socks and occasionally smell of tiger balm or dep heat i am lucjy though my partner of 8 years has his own house we dont live together and he hasnrt stayed here since new years eve so i got to hand it to him he got patience of a saint lol lov eto you diddle x


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