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Good morning to all my fibro friends and i hope that you are all ok today i have just taken my little doggy up the top of the road or should i say the wind has blown me up there and back i know how empty packet fels now lol !

Anyway i wish i could tell you i had a lovely full night sleep but i am afraid that wasnt to be i was quite bad yesterday and i feel bit better today a bit more like Diddle !!!! but in pain and teeth still hurting

I think that i was totally washed out yesterday although i had been sitting most of the day it was a long day and with lack of sleep and stuff got to me

anyway today is another day and it is soooo windy out there and cold too and think rain is on its way so thats great !!!!!!

i am seeing my sister again today and have got to go to the bank and pop to my mum and dads but will do all that after lunch /

you all take care love to you all diddle x

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Hope your day is an easyish one sweetie! Don't push yourself too much eh? ;-)

hugs xx


have a good day and enjoy the company, it's very wet here too so I am still in bed contemplating taking the dogs out!!!


morning diddle :-D xxxxx


hiya hope you ok today love diddle x


Morning Diddle, glad your feeling a bit better this morning but please don't appologise for your posts none of us can expect to be positive all the time and you do a very good job of being that way most of the time and keeping a lot of us on here positive as well!!!!

I understood exactly what you ment in your is this a dream post and your not alone in feeling that way sometimes I think it just hits us, what our lives have become and what we've lost because of this illness but we keep going and keep smiling as you show us so well :o)

Lots of hugs to you Diddle and hope you enjoy your day xxxxxxxxx


thankyou jules i know i am sorry if i upset anyone yesterday or caused them to worry i will pm you love diddle x


Well I was worried Diddle, I thought its just not like you to be so quiet and I didnt come back on later in the evening. So glad you are okay though, take care and sweet dreams, xx


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