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Life is a joy filled with delightful surprises! Keeping up the positive {{xx}}

Life is a joy filled with delightful surprises!  Keeping up the positive {{xx}}

Some of our surprises have disappointed and hurt us emotionally. Never more so than the abandonment I felt when the Rheumy told me in the limited appointment time that I had FMS. I think we all find it very easy to look and find the hurt, but every little good thing is the focus that will help me to feel better. Emotionally, it gives me the feel good factor, and enjoying that moment or surprise however small or apparently insignificant it is the focus of my moment.

Surprisingly, my teen daughter ate the breakfast I made for her today - it makes me very happy to know that she has actually eaten before she goes to school. Most of the time, she is too late or tells me she doesn't feel hungry etc. I am joyful about this little change in our morning school routine.

I'm off to the vet with H dog to get his stitches out ..... I wonder what joys await there! LOL


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I agree Suzy, my positive is the extra time I had to spend with my son when he was young... If I hadn't had fibro I would have carried on working full time and missed out on the fun things we did together before he turned into a grunting teenager

VG x


indeed - time never stands still. The memories we make with our kids are so important. Sometimes, things happen that make us focus on what is REALLY important. :-)


I was thinking about this earlier that if I was still running my florist shop I wouldn't be there for my kids like I am now. Supporting two teenagers one of which is doing her A levels is almost a full time job,she needs this,she needs that,they both need support emotionally,I've just about got the energy for all this but I'm so glad it's something I can do. I too focus too much on the negative things in my life and that's bound to bring anyone down,you really have to take time to look at the positive things,essential for living with a chronic illness I would say.


Positive all the way!!! It takes more effort to begin with but I am finding it getting easier and one way that I able to do that is to share positive messages on this blog whenever I can. You are so right, living with a chronic illness it is so easy to find something negative about the day and the loss of before. However, today is the moment we live in and we cannot change the past. :-)


Suzy, you are so right, lately, I have letit get the better of me and got grumpy, today I am going to start trying to seeing the positives, even if it is only one a day to start with :)


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