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update on my pain and trip to A&E

Well I had that terrible pain again last night I didnt call for help this time I am not going thru all that again at the hospital. I called my dr's this morning who rang me back and I still had to walk to dr to get examined. She said it is one of 3 things one being unlikely which is shingles but if i get a rash then it is lol. The others were gallstones or a hiatus hernia. She is convinced it is the hernia she had a feel of my tummy , something the hospital should have checked as I kept telling them it was my stomach not my heart, and boy that was painful she said it felt funny lol so she is sending me for an ultra sound scan to find out just got to wait for an appointment now made me angry the hospital could have checked this on monday ggrrrr she gave me some meds too see if it calms it down . I am shattered now but should be tidying up just so fed up at the mo.

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hi jus leave the tidying up you can do that later or tomorrow you sit and relax you will be better for it love to you diddle x


thx diddle but i have to go out too I have ran out of gas I have to catch bus to next village and wlk down to the supermarket to get some money out so I can get some gas its one of those pay as u go meter things, my depression is getting ontop of me too just so tired sorry for the moan you lot are the only ones who understand how tired I am xxxx


Cant someone go for you? Please dont try and do this run on a bus, its not worth it. Cant you ring it through or top up on the internet?


Hi Julie I wish there was someone to go for me my family live a distance away and they just think I have to buck my ideas up and get on with it so no support there and I have no friends to call on to help me so it is all down to me. I cant do it online I have tried, thanks anyway I will sort it just feeling sorry for myself xxx


Thanks chris it is the worse pain i have ever had and I am usually quite pain tolerant but yes if it happens again I will go back to A&E

It will be nice to know one way or the other

soft hugs xxx


Hi fairylady,

I do hope they find out what it is pretty soon, if it is gallstones, my friend was really ill with it and had multiple infections with the doctors not listening to her.

I have one of those prepayment meters they are a right pain arent they.

You feel sorry for yourself hun, i hope your feeling better by now.

sending you big hugs, kel xxxx


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