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First day of kids holidays

My partner has started doing longer hours as summer is on its way yeahhh.

Kids are playing right up today, had my holly giving me a good wake up call singing at the top of her voice, she is really tuneful NOT lol.

Erin is sat on the sofa crying as i have put her there for ignoring me, and she still wont spaeak to me

It would be ok if my oldest was here as she could take them to the park but she is at school and doesnt fininsh until my two youngest darlings go back.

Suppose one thing they take my mind off the pain lol.

stressed out kel xxxxxxxxxx

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Oh bless you love. Bring them here, I'll sort em out :)

I've got my Erin here too and she's playing all on her own, I'm off to join her shortly as we've done a Spring display so she can stick things on it.

Will your girls do anything together - or is that a really stupid question lol. Will they do some craft things?

Sue xxxxx


Right, they are on their way,

We done craft things yesterday in the garden and they are fine doing things like that but we have used all the stuff.

Playdoh is all over my step and their paintings are all over the house lol.

We sorted the trampoline out for them yesterday so i am kicking them in the garden now.

My mother in law is on her way over for a cuppa with my neice so hopefully they will play altogether without fighting, wishful thinking lol.

kel xxxxxx


:) That is the problem isn't it, they use all the stuff they have in one hit. It costs me a fortune to buy stuff for them and we only get £3.25ph in my area. No wonder I don't make much lol.

You could cut pics out of a magazine or Argos catalogue and get them to stick them onto a bit piece of paper. I know they've done that in no time though and are bored again. Or they fight!

Hope the mother in law will sort them out for you lol.

Good luck xxxx


Ha, mother in law comes here for peace. lol

Alivia my neice, i love her to bits but she drives nana round the bend, shes nick named bad lass. lol.

She always good with me though.

kel xxx


Sue £3.25ph omg.

Is that aloud with min wage being somewhere around £6?

Thats a dsgrace, i am suprised you havent got everyone leaving their kids with you. lol.

kel xxx


bless and its the 1 st dauy least they can go out to play as it sunny here so hope you got the same hope day gets better love to you diddle x


Its had a bit of spitting rain with rain clouds and they were out in it, aslong as they are happy they can play until their hearts content lol.

kel xxx


Aww bless I feel for you Kel so glad my boys are all gown up now!!! not fun when you are ill and have to try and entertain little ones it must be so very hard for all you young Mums I am devoid of any energy at the moment so no idea how I would cope (probably be screaming like a banshee at them lol)

Have you thought about using the boxes from cereals and the like and making things out of them its free!!

Love n hugs to all you Mums Ruby xx


They are all in the trampoline, for now.

They are fine when they dont constantly argue, there is only 19 months between them so they are hard work when they, they even argue where they sit for dinner, i just switch off lol.

kel xxx


not too bad here YET but famous last words lol :)

hope you get 5 mins kel ,and they play on the trampoline lots lol xxx



Youve jinxed it now lynz lol.

Hope your days go in fast lol.

kel xxx


hi my dear how are you today ? hope you are well lots of love diddle x


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