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Hi guys! well its 2 weeks post op. i woke up to find my doc had had to do a vertical cut from just above pubic bone nearly to mybelly button, complete with 30 staples!! I nicknamed him 'slasher'!

the first night you'd have thought that with anasthetic still in my system and morphine on tap - that i'd sleep! Wide awake all night twiddling my thumbs!! Literally!

Night two my cather broke - awoke cold and wet - covered in my own wee, feeling like the town drunk!

When i was on my feet on day 3, nurses kept asking had i opened my bowels? Are they kidding - im expecting an Alien moment if i do!However ihave a secret weapon - dulcolax yippee! Took it six days post op tho.....!

Has anyone seen those posters in hospital loos about different types of poo? there's no way i was risking a #1 or #2 ! (full on constipation)

Home on day 5. I do believe hubby found every pot hole, bump and crease on the way home tho.

mobility gradually easier. had rest of staples out this monday just gone - holy moly - felt like i was splitting in two!

Last night was a landslide victory for womankind. i can report that pots and pans from 'last friday' got washed up finally by hubby! hee hee!

i am now officially bored tho. i refuse to watch daytime tv. ive watched all the films i can. ive read all i can. Last night i put a plea out to all my friends asking for visits and the occasional trips out!

im off for a slow shower now.yes i know its pm and yes im still in my dressing gown - bite me!!

fondest hugs


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take things easy, dont over do yourself


Well done! glad to read your on your feet, take it easy though wont you?

Mind you there are some great day time tv thats not soaps, documentries and cooking shows there is even craft shows and theres a channel which gives you health tips for people with chronic ill health, so you may find something to ease the bordem : )

Take care, hugs poppy xx


get well soon and rest xxxxxx


glad you on the mend and its all over for you, gentle hugs xx


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