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im back

been computerless for few days,apparently it was graphics card-now printer not workign -somehtign jammed?if not one thing its another

diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease following abnormal stool sample from two months ago.and awaiting colonoscopy.ultrasound pelvic scan -said everything normal.sonographer said you need to pull your trousers up -cant go out like that.i said thtas as far as they'll go wont go over my stomach.stomach getting bigger day by day im sure of it.doc says hiatus hernia Is causing pressure on ribs-if so then ive had it for 3 years and it would have shown on previous endoscopy two years ago.

woken by dog at 6.45 up ok but difficulty dressing - putting socks and trousers on .think I need an assistance dog???can i train mine?took them out -not hold lead in left hand (CTS).out for about 10minutes -then had to stop and rest -pelvic pain.achy knees and stiff ankles.went into town but thankfully not all around the walls .got bus home .barely walk .wanting to tidy up garden -managed 5 minutes of deadheading and pruning-as before plus low back pain

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Welcome back you don't realise how reliant you get on the computer until something happens and you are without it for a few days. So sorry you have been diagnosed with IBD as well as everything else you have. My dog used to run off with my socks so she certainly couldn't have been trained as if you asked her to bring you something she would and then she would hold it tantilisingly out of reach thinking it was some kind of game. It is terrible when these illnesses stop you doing the things you want to. We are having someone elses dog for a week whilst they are on holiday and I wanted to block a small opening into the next door neighbour's garden and it was really an easy task that would have taken me 5 minutes a few years back and half an our later I was still toiling away so the deadheading I had planned went out of the window. Hope that the colonoscopy can show some light on your problems and you can get some treatment to help you.x


I know it was only a few days btu felt so lost not beign able to keep in contact and access my bank annie has a fetish fro gloves and she will whip them from someone s hands if standing talking to them.,


Yes my dog could sneak a hanky out of someones pocket without them knowing it and she also had a fetish for paper tissues. They are so funny sometimes. The little dog we have for the week has already become obsessed that there is something under our summerhouse and keeps on trying to dig his way underneath I reckon he will be on his way to Australia at this rate.


Hi anbuma

Welcome back online, it is awful when your computer goes down! I always feel lost if I can't get online. I am so sorry to read that you have been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

I hope that your colonoscopy goes really well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


thank you both.will let you know as soon as I receive my date and how it goes.hope its not too long.i swear my stomach is increasing daily and don't believe a bowel condition is the reason for the 3 stones I have gained in weight (all abdo)in the last 3 years.


hi megmog 2

I have suffered so much with these symptoms in the last 2 years and all because I was refused referrals to consultants and these were dismissed.I hope so -it is a struggle to walk my dogs and I so love walking them.years ago I would think nothing of going on a ten mile hike,now I cant walk more than ten minutes (at dogs' pace)without severe pain and discomfort.


my request to se consultants were ENT and rheumatologist coswhen isaw them two years ago they didnt accept what I told them both and gave me no diagnosis fro my symptoms only telling me what it was not(ENT saying its not sinuses and no reason for nasal sores bone growth or swelling)and rheumy only going on about diet and CA125 which are not his dept.(dismissing what I did tell him -that weight gain was nothing to do with hope to discuss these with gp im seeing on Wednesday.nose sores back and more swollen.


I'm having lots of the same issues, bloating, weight gain, weakness, plus I had a colonoscopy and the scope down my throat in June.... I had...have a fungus of my esophagus and it's causing reflux that's horrible. Now have to have probe tests done the 10th and praying they find out what's going on, I'm sick of being sick. Lol Keep in touch as maybe we can help each other when we find out what's going on sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


I can cope with the pain -never given anything more than paracetemol-which do nothing to ease pain or give any relief although it is disabling and some days now I can barely walk.,what I cant cope with is looking "11 months pregnant"-my huge swollen stomach which is increasing every day


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