back from holiday

back from holiday

Hi all, hope you are all as well as you can be. The first week of our holiday was fabulous, I managed to go out for sunday lunch and Walk with hubby and dog on the beach which is what i had wanted to do was just be able to walk on the beach with our dog. Anyway the start of the second week was not so good as I ended up in hospital for a week, went in with a soaring, raging pain on my right side of tummy going round to back, the doctor thought it was kidney infect or stone, called an ambulance and off i went to Norfolk & Norwich hospital (who were fantastic) I was quite poorly and they gave me a scan anyway turns out I have a tumour on both ovaries, they are treating it as cancer as my blood results indicate a very high result. I am at home now and I will be referred to Addenbrooks Hospital for operations etc. Normally You go Cromer and get Crabs unfortunately I came home with worse. will keep you updated. Have a lovely bank holiday x

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  • Oh dear such a shame after a promising first week for it all to end up going pear shaped. The positive is that the hospital you attended sounds marvellous and did all the right things. Fingers crossed that all he treatments go to plan. Yes please do keep us posted on how you are. Wonderful action shot of the dog by the way. Thinking of you.x

  • How happy does your dog look?

    So,sorry that you only managed to have one week of fun, but it's good that you found out and are now getting treatment.

    I do hope that everything goes well for you. Keep thinking positive thoughts and good luck.

    My very best wishes to you at this difficult time.

    Take care x

  • Metty so sorry to read you are unwell -yes that is a great hospital - good luck and take care - Neese x

  • I hope everything goes well. Sending soft gentle hugs.

  • So very sorry to hear about your health as I will pray all will be alright.You did get to take your dog to beach...I bet that was fun, huh?? Take care, be blessed.Peck

  • Hi metty

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you are okay my friend? Please take care of yourself and take it easy. At least you got in one good week and had chance to walk on the beach! I remember being about 11 years old and fishing for crabs at Cromer, it was a wonderful experience.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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