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Horrible experience at docs today

Went to the doctors today to ask about my chronic pain which is affecting my mobility, bowel urgency and a doctors note. Wanted to know if the pain was caused through my bowel given I have to race to the toilet with little waring - NOT loose normal stool.

He examined me by running his fingers along my skin to check I could feel them When I asked if he thought the pain was my spine or my bowel he became angry and said "...will you be wanting anything else here today?". I was flabbergasted so I said politely that I wanted to discuss work to which he replied that I will have to make another appointment. So I actually ended up leaving the surgery without a doctors note to cover my absence!! Only good thing is he is referring me to neurolog but I still have no idea what my pain is. - I don't see how they can say its all part of the Fibromyalgia without ruling out other things. Do other Fibro sufferers have to always know where the toilet is lest they poo themselves????

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oh jeanie what a rude doctor!!

He had no right to speek to you the way he did and you should think about having a word with the practice manager. i would also ask to see another gp at the practice.

Go back tomorrow if your able and get the cover note.

I'm usually constipated due to my meds but i do wet myself if i cant get to the loo quick enough. the lack of feeling is not FM, in the way you describe it sound as if its a nerve problem, and it is good that you have a referal to to the neuro surgeon. I have lumber stenosis and siffer simular loss of feelingetc but PLEASE dont panic that this is the same for you as there are many conditions to cause your symptoms.

good luck hun,

hugs poppy xx


Thanx Poppy x


I think you might need a continance appointment there a great help




Hi , after having 7 children i always need to know where a toilet is for fear weeing myself , had tests and physio and told i need a bladder repair as it is now prolapse but because im overweight until i loose weight they wont do that . Now always have to wear pads and if i dont i can sometimes feel urine run down my legs yuckk . Saw an OH lady for disability aids in my home and she mentioned my GP should be able to help me with pads . He has refered me to district nurse . I also have developed bowel urgency and excuse the graphics but explosive diahorrea which with mobility problems can be catastrophic , my GP said all part of fm . I do feel for you jeannie and hope you get something sorted soon x


Thanx. X


Can't comment on the symptoms but I would complain about that doctor. I must be very lucky with mine because I alway have a list. I try to get through it quick but getting an appt is a nightmare so once I've got one, I'm not leaving there until I've had my money's worth!

Whippet x


Thanx. I am thinking of changing just afraid I might end up worse as the times seem to b changing. I've been told drop in centres are becoming the norm


Floozy. How could he come to the conclusion that your loo problem is all down to your FM - I think it is always a cop-out when they can't be bothered to think it might be something else - there are tons of causes for bowel complaints that are far more common and treatable than Fibromyalgia!

I say sometimes that I am sure that if I break my arm that I would be unlucky enough to get the doctor who would blame it on Fibromyalgia.

I have had a prolapsed bladder and bowel for many years now, but feel that every symptom I have, although it can come under the umbrella of FM diagnosis, is also commonplace in people without the condition, and can be found in the fittest of people from time to time.

Every seperate medical complaint us fibromites have should be treated with respect as a seperate entity and not swept under the table and ingnored as "part of FM"

In fact now if I see a new medic, I tend to leave the Fibro out of the conversation until they have given me a reason and a treatment that seems acceptable first, then slip it in later - very often it doesn't shift their diagnosis.

At least Jeannie you did get the neuro appt - good for you. You must let us know how it went :-).

Glenys XX


Thanx I will give an up date when I see neurologist xxx


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