My wake up call this morning was my hands - that is a bit different- Does anyone else suffer from the palms of the hands being inflamed

the palms are hot to touch and the fingers ache - very uncomfortable!

Not knowing where to put them I crawled out of bed . You know swing the legs try and straighten the back, search for the floor. gradually become vertical and then try and wobble across the bedroom.peered back at clock OHHHHHHHH so it is not early it is 5.00 and I have spent the last couple of hours convincing myself that bed is the place to be. Well bed doesnt help just makes other parts ache.

Down stairs hands in warm water playing with bubbles this is quite pleasant but (there is always a but) cannot stay beneath the foamy water all day.

Look up hands on computer is it firo or is it lupus( wearie sigh) I dont know will keep exercising them hope it helps.

Have to make scones for a coffee morning so that will keep hands occupied.

Does any one else have hands like this? Hot swollen aching? let me k now we ca compare digits. Bye from one very exhausted ginsx

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  • Yup gins , sorry. I wake up every morning and my hands are curled up fingers towards palms . Hot stiff swollen , bright red I slowly uncurl them then do the swing the feet to the floor and do the penguin shuffle to the bathroom.... Today is testing my powers of laughing at fibro to the max .. Last 2 days had major incidents with aspergers son. Stress causes my fibro to flare so my neck is angled like a startled budgie ATM... Hands swollen etc etc baaaahhh ... Oh great now I look like a budgie, sound like a sheep and walk like a penguin.... Dunno whether to join a freak show or the zoo....

    Anyway good morning gins and everyone


  • Sorry to hear you suffer too but I did laugh at the thought of a flock of fibro sufferers doing the penguin flap each day . We would make a sorry sight at the zoo. x gins

  • I already have 2 budgies, if you can hop up onto the curtain track where they sit & sing, you can come and live here!



  • Hi Gins,

    Like VG, I also have this problem - not too often first thing in the morning, although it does happen, but if I've done a lot of typing etc. and then rested, they tend to flare up as you describe.

    VG - you sound just like me! My OH sings 'Simply the Best' when I walk around early in the morning, as I've developed that remote-controlled Tina Turner walk! Sexy!

    Keep smiling!

    Sara xx

  • the remote controlled Tina turner walk wow what a thought lol sorry your hands are horrid too. I found warm water does help although they havent stopped today . Do in the walk - walk tall x gins

  • yep every morning palms are red and on fire

  • Sorry to hear you suffer from the hands malarky. It is horrid is not ti. Hope they ease off take care. xgins

  • Yes, I have that too, the palms and fingers ache as well as the ends of my fingers feel they are being pinched. Also the soles of my feet hurt as if I have been running around on concrete in bare feet - that's the only way I can describe it. As I write this I am in my bedclothes on the settee underneath a blanket, having a bit of a flare up again. Just taken two paracetamols for the pain.

  • I have that with my feet - I tend to describe it as the sensation of walking on a hot bag of marbles! xx

  • What bad luck the hands are bad enough but feet as well poor you , Hope the pain killers have done something. :) xgins

  • I do hope a cuddley day has helped it is rotten when you feel so bad. I admitt I do not know what to do with my hands. Take care x gins

  • Sooty I have enough problems with fibro if my husband sung at me in the morning that would be the last straw ... He is totally tone deaf... There hasn't been a key invented he can sing in... I might fall on him accidentally and smother him



  • I have more trouble trying to straighten my fingers actually. My left thumb has a bony growth on it and the backs of both hands are swollen near the knuckles. Can't stay on a computer very long as my hands 'lock' in 1 position. I've never experienced such pain in a long while. Problem is, becos of other meds I take my GP can't prescribe me anything specific. Literally - a pain in the a**e!!

  • my hands and feet too!

    the marbles effect is true and I often feel as if I am lying on pebbles of many sizes.

    I always liken my movements to a Weeble! ["weebles wobble but they never fall down" but I do!]

    I was thinking of suggesting we hold a fibro convention.

    what a sight we'd be doing our penguin waddle!



  • I am new here - been replying to posts for about a week. From what I can see fibro peeps are fun! Feet hurt same as hands, like walking on very hot tarmac or similar - hands are like that too except that I do not walk on them - no chance, not even pre fibro was there such a chance. Also wake up with hands curled and gnarled looking like I am playing a very bad part in a totally rubbish horror movie. Thanks darrix

  • Only just found this welcome to the sight Darri it is fun glad you are starting to enjoy it. The hands are horrid arent they. It used to be the odd morning now it is every morning still by the time it is daylight I should be moving again. Take care xgin

  • Hubby has to bring me paracetamols and feed them and water to me whilst still lying flat in bed. Can't put hands down to sit up, can't hold tablets, can't hold cup!! Hands + Morning = Pain xx

  • You are having a tough time i hope the parrots had not eaten them all and they worked to ease of your pain. Mine will work to use computer tough I have to keep stopping and shacking them or rubbing them it is no fun I hope you have a better day xgins

  • I have had this for years long before I was diagnosed with fibro. Years before a naturopath suggested I have my thyroid checked and I did - it was normal according to the western medicine measurements but a couple of years later, sure enough I was diagnosed as hypothyroid. I think there is a huge connection between the two conditions. I assume you have had your thyroid checked, but if not, I would.

    Christine x

  • That is a good idea for us all to have the thyroid checked. I know last time mine was it was fine....... but things change don't they.

    Have a good day xgins

  • Have any of you thought that you may have carpal tunnel syndrome. About 10 yrs ago i began waking at all hours with the most excrutiation pain in my hands and wrists. Although i was in such pain my finger tips were numb to touch. That doesnt sound right!! Basically i had really bad and painful pins and needles in the top of my fingers yet if i touched them to my thumb i could see they were touching but not feel the connection. Anyway i first started wearing splints at night which helped. Eventually even this didnt help anymore and i began having injections into my wrists very painful at the time but they do help. Eventually i will have surgery to correct the problem. Apparently what happens is that your carpal tunnel (which carries blood supply and tendons etc. to your hands) should be an 'o' shape but can collapse and become 'D' shaped causing blood supply etc to not flow properly. By wearing the splints it stops your wrists bending forward and aggravating this problem. Just a thought. If i had fibro first i would assume it was just another symptom. Hope they ease up. Tina

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