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what a week

last tuesday put in support group esa after medical with atos healthcare (dwp) independeny my backside then on friday last week won my appeal against original fit for work decision from march last year. then on monday this week had a visit from atos healthcare for dla medical assessment told today they turned me down yesterday. i have had a battle with dwp since oct 2010 even though i have to battle I B S,Bruxism, Fibromyalgia early onset MS, agrophobia depression, confusion, poor co-ordination, eyesight deteriation every 3 months needs new lenses, lack of sleep or too much chemically induced sleep they still think i'm scamming them at dwp

it makes me a lot worse at every setback medical or financial as it increases stress, confusion and pain which increases my depression. i very often wonder what it is all about, and how the dwp staff and drs would cope being in my shoes or in the shoes of anyone else with fibromyalgia and would love to swap for just 1day.

well thats the rant over better take the 12tabs and 30ml of meds ready for bed wonder if the sleepers will work tonight

hope you can all have some proper sleep tonight xx

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Do you know what it makes me so angry to hear stories like yours when we are made to feel like we are scamming people i had a medical last year for industrialinjury tribunal and whilst in the waiting room a lady came in about 40 she had 2 x cryutches and i really felt for her she struggled to the desk and then struggled to put crutches down and sign in etc

basically everything was an effort for her and i for one was looking at her thinking bless you why do you have to go through this they can clearly see you are are struggling !!!!!!!!!!

This was a friday, on the sunday my daughter picked me up to go to a spiritualist church meeting tosee what they were like we walked in and took our seats (or pew) lol, and 10 mins later the door opened and in walked another groupof 3 people (nothing unusual ther you say)

No except one of them was the lady i had seen on fri who reall y could not walk and there she was almost running down the aisle , no crutches no limp nothing so i jus couldnotbelieve it, i know we all have bad days etc before all scream at me but this was a good six months ago and i have been to that church several times since and still no crutches or any sign of the pain she was in at that meeting and i have alsos een this lady walking around town bending and just being nrmal and not once has she had her walking aids so either she is not telling the truth or for some reason she only needs crutches for those sort of meetings i dont know

but it does annoy me that she i dont think is a genuine case and we are yet they seem to think because we can bend over and touch our knees we have reasonable movement, what they dont see is how it effects us for the next few days , oh well my rant over see what you have started lol, but you re apply and keep on re applying as you have a good case they will listen to you in he end good luck and love to you diddle x


Hi Its persons like her that spoil it for the real people,it makes me so angry that we are all tarred with the same brush.I had my medical last tuesday, im just resigned that i have failed.

Its about time we were treat better.


I totally understand how you feel x I am so sorry you are being treated like this, its not fair. Taff, maybe can you get someone like an advisor from the CAB to help? if you want to inbox me where you are I can do some research to try and help. Let me know xx

Diddle, I see that all the time where I live, and having used to work for the DWP I used to see people coming in for appointments with aids, and then around town after without them. Not good, and very frustrating.

Sending you both hugs xxxx


Very frustrating for all of us, I too see it all the time where I live. My bugbear is the people with mobility cars who lend them out to their relatives most of who have their own cars anyway.

Keep fighting Taff, its the only way to go unfortunately.xx


Hello taff,

Sending big hugs your way.

I hope you can get help to get it sorted, i applied for dla last year and got turned down. I have gotten worse since then with more illnesses to add to it. I left it so now i need to pluck up the courage to apply again.

Good luck.

kel xxx


Awww Taff, what a lousy situation you've got. Sending you big hugs xx


It is terrible how unfair the system seems to be for awarding the dla! so many deserving people are getting refused it.

I think one of the problems might be that we tend to put a brave face on things so they don't realise how much it affects us!

Try not to let it put you off from making an appeal & go to the doctor each time you have any problem and stress each time exactly how dificult you are finding things. I know it's hard to summon up the strength to go especialy when we feel at our worse, but it's the only way they will take notice. I was so stressed when my atos doc came that I had a mega flare up could barely function at all. I was really bad for weeks after too. but that is how badly this condition affects us, it happens on an hour to hour - day to day basis and this is what they don't seem to be able to understand. It might also be an idea to go to CAB to get some help with an appeal, I think some has mentioned that already but it's good advice !

please don't let it get you down and give up xx


i spent 12yrs fighting for my country now i'm fighting for myself and my family which is much more rewarding than the nice bits of tin that hrh gave me with a royal thank you you are no longer needed by your country. just didnt think it meant get stuffed you are british so you are not entitled to the benefits the law and morality say you should have. sorry dont mean to sound bitter but when i see serbs in our country getting benefits after spending 4years in bosnia to keep the peace and afgahns and iraqi's calling us all the names under the sun while supposedly hiding from their homeland enjoying our benefit system while brits that deserve the benefits get told sorry you have not qualified it makes me sick and wonder what my life and duty was all about. ive fought for my life and won now im fighting for my rights and will eventually win this battle 2 thank you for your support it helps to remind me im not the only one being abused by dwp. soft hugs to all


It makes me so angry that people like her make it hard for genuine cases. They are far too good at it and get away with it.It makes the DWP/DLA etc tar us all with the same brush.In a way, you can understand that, because they are handing out financial help to people who are taking the p***. It must be difficult to separate the actors from genuine sufferers. It just shows that the system doesnt work.I suffer mildly compared to some, but my worst symptoms are pain, stiffness, fatigue, memory issues and depression.So I can run around like a spring chicken sometimes, but I know I'll suffer for it later.I've had a flare up lately and everything's stiff and hurts, I cant stay awake, I cant think clearly and as for making chance.Then the depression kicks in again. So yeh, I'd like to swop bodies with someone from "the system" or one of those good actors, for a week and see how they would cope. I wish you good days and send soft hugs.Im glad we have each other.


many thanks for all your supportive comments meds gave me a total of 4hrs sleep last night even if it was disturbed 3 times its better than no sleep lol soft hugs to you all


hope you've had some more sleep since your last posting Taff x


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