looking for a fibro friend to spend some time with

looking for a fibro friend to spend some time with

hi my name is sue i am 47 yrs old and have a king charles puppy who is called pebbles i spend most of my time in the week at home on my own,my husband works monday to friday and i am stuck at home on my own as i cant get out without someone being with me,i am having very little sleep thanks to fibro spending most of my nights awake which makes me very tired and very achy everyday,i am looking for a friend or friends who live close to bollington nr macclesfield to spend time with as most of my friends who are healthy seem to have left me to deal with this illness on my own,hope there is someone out there who will contact me.

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  • Hello Sue and welcome to our lovely forum! What a lovely photo too! I hope you find friendship, comfort and support here and we all look forward to getting to know you better. Take a look around and feel free to post anything you are unsure of, there is always someone around to offer a helping hand or a bit of advice where needed. Take care and see you around! :) :)

  • hi sue how are u

  • hi sue how are you? well i dont live near you but im always good for an ear bolicking if you need to lol have a fab night xx soft hugs xxziggyx

  • Hi Sue welcome to our family I wish I lived nearer I live in somerset and I live alone,

    but look around and see if you have a support group near you,

    ours have been going a couple of months and its so good to meet likewise people who you don't have to explain fibro to.

    hope you meet some new friends soon

    keep in touch

    Lin x

  • Most of us have problems maintaining friendships, my best friend is 78 we go at the same speed.

    I am in Wales so no good as a close friend but I hope you find a fibro friend I have a few now, is there a support group near you ...

    Soft hugs xxx


  • i dont live near you but i can really understand when you feel you are alone, i had loads of friends before i had fibro the life and soul of the party but now i never see any of my friends unless i have a good day and manage to go to their house, they never come to mine. hope you find what you are looking for paula x

  • So many of us have lost friends along the way, it seems very common with an illness that cannot be seen. That's why these forums and groups are so important because they offer friendship, advice and support that is so badly needed especially at the beginning before and after diagnosis. Make yourself at home Sue, feel free to message any time! :) :)

  • HI i dont live near you or i would be your friend xxx

  • Hi, i am sure you will eventually find someone near you, unfortunately i dont live near you but was more or less in your situation, i joined about 6 months ago , and there is a support group just starting up this week here, so i hope yuou dont have to wait too long to find friends in your area.

    I was wondering if you looked at the "in my area" section, its at the top of the home page, you may see someone there and could send them a message, welcopme to this friendly site, hugs, xxx

  • Hi and welcome to this site and I hope the friendship you find on here makes up for your lack of friends at home. I live in East Yorkshire not a million miles away but not near enough to meet up. I am always on this site its so good to talk as they say. Take care xx

  • Oh Sue I wish! I'm in the same boat but I live in Dorset. Been Housebound since last summer. I hope you get somewhere, but in the meantime you will find lots of support from this site. If it would help in the meantime happy to call you/give you my landline number. Wish you luck. xx

  • hi sue, i understand i lost my partner and all my friends. sorry i don't live near you i can be a friend on here. gentle hugs lyn.[:))]xxx

  • Hey sue, my name is Suzanne I'm 32 and I have a partner of 15 yrs and we have one son who's 13 I can't work due to my fibro and other problems my partner works nights so my nights are very lonely I have the same problem as u I'm not sure where bollington is but I live near Macclesfield I live in Wilmslow hope this helps I'd be happy to chat and stuff sending u fibro hugs suzi Xx

  • hi suzanne bollington is about a mile and a half from prestbury and about 2 miles from macclesfield i have been with my husband for 24 years (married for 16years) and we have no children due to me having fibro for nearly all that time hope to hear from you again hugs sue

  • Hi Suzanne. I also have fibro diagnosed about 2 years ago. We used to live in bolly but unfortunately when our tenancy wasn't renewed we couldnt find anywhere to rent in bollington so we ended up in macc. I was begging to think I was the only one with fibro in this area. So it's nice to find a fellow fibromite on my doorstep so to speak

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