My sister has asked me to go to her Beauty room today she has just had it all re furbished last week and she wants me to go up and man the phone today i dont mind doing that as it is jus sitting there answering phone and taking bookings and booking in ckients i get to have chat with clients its nice soi will be ther for few hours as she really busy today , i ache all over and am soooo tired so will take my kindle with me and get lost in a book .

I hope thayt you have all got a nice dayplanned i think all the kids go backto school today so i expect alot of you are getting ready for that lol

love to you all diddle x

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  • my day isnt very exciting im afraid ,just doing housework ,and watching my barmy kitten and 2yr old playing together ,which is actually quite funny ,my little man thinks she is absolutly hilarious ,xxxxxxxxxx

  • Just picturing your child and kitten being barmy made me smile :-)

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