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Got My ESA, WooHoo


Hi all. I just want to share my good news with you. After 7 weeks of having no money and ESA messing about and not telling me things that could have made my claim quicker, I have finally been told It'll be in my bank account today, backdated to 15th August. Such a relief. I can finally catch up on stuff to be paid for. This morning, I was afraid to put lights on and had a jam sandwich for breakfast instead of toast, so I didnt have to use the toaster coz there was 49p left in the lekky meter. I have spent about £20 in phone calls chasing this claim because they take FOREVER and never phone you back when they say they will. Dont think I'll get that back. This system HAS TO GO. So many people are suffering. I told the lady on the phone today, who said my claim was with the Decision maker, "Ive had enough now, I cant do this any more.So if you havent got a decision for me today, I wont be here tomorrow". I have been so depressed, I meant that. I have had to stretch things SO far and rely on my family to support me over the last 7 weeks, but I cant keep doing that. Now I dont have to. Such a weight has been lifted off me and it feels so good. I know I'll have to go through the dreaded medical rubbish again, but at least I know what to expect. Id like to say a big thank you to everyone who's supported me with kind words and encouragement. I love you all.xx :)

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Very pleased for you


VG x

Its great to read some positive and good news, So pleased for you after such a difficult time you have had to endure, Very best wishes and hope things now are getting better for you...


See i knew it would turn out okay for so very happy for were great with me whwn i needed support.

Whoo whoo for you enjoy and treat yreself to lights on and a good meal at last.

I agree system needs,changing badly.

Im still waiting for my backdated money but wont hold my breathe getting it.


good for you bumblebee x

Bumblebee is BUZZING,lol. Thank you all for your replies, i really appreciate it. being on sites like this makes you feel not quite so alone. its very comforting. I now have a big smile on my face and a bag full of smokey sausage and chips from the chippy, woohoo!!! And all the lights on,lol. Sammy, get right on their nerves for your back payments.dont give an inch till its in your bank account mate, or you'll set Carol bumblebee on them,lol. THANK U EVERYONE.xx

WooHoo indeed! I am so pleased for you, great news.



Thank you. its a big weight off me. I can live again now.xx

Bumblebee I am so happy for you biggggggggggggest gentle hugggggggggggggggggs.


Well done Bumblebee. These people should'nt be allowed to make you feel worse than you already are.

Good luck & enjoy feeling rich until you've paid everything out.


Jac xx

well done,thats good news,although its wrong to keep people without money for so long and its so unfair that we have to fight for money that we are genuinely entitled to. theres a man who lives down the road from me gets maximum dla,his wife gets carers allowance for him and theres nothing wrong with him he can steward at the football ground,run for the bus etc. its people like that who cheat the system and get every benefit going,who have brought about esa and such.

Thank you all. I cant get rid of my big smile,lol. Not that I want to of course. Tell you what Nannyjenno, after what theyve put me through and its largely due to people like your neighbour, I wouldnt feel guilty anymore for snitching on them. I know a bloke doing the same but I only know his first name and dont know his address, otherwise..... Ive told him that its people like him who make people like us suffer. We all get treated like dirt and cheats because of them.His excuse is that because he's got loads of kids, he cant afford to work. Which I can understand to a point. If people were paid decent wages, it might give them more incentive to work and support themselves instead of making up ficticious ailments. I wish all genuine sick and disabled people the same happiness as I had yesterday, when they get what they deserve and we stop having to go through all these distressing tests. My Dr has just given me a sick note for 6 months, so he must have faith in me. What I dont get though, is why they call it E(mployment) S(upport) Allowance. I was told by the ESA lady yesterday that "ESA is for people who CANT work", so I have to give up my 5 hour a week job as a lollipop lady (which helps my depression) at half term. Oh well, so be it. Love to you all.xx

lynnh in reply to bumblebee57

Congratulations on winning. you have hit the nail on the head re your neighbour and his peers. Re your lollypopping make sure you read up on the permitted work rules, you might not have to give up xx


lynnh in reply to lynnh

I too am so pleased for you and I think I missed your other posts, sorry. Hope you enjoyed that smokey sausage, sounds devine lol xxxxx

Thanks Ozzy. yeh the smokey sausage was rather yummy !! so its business as usual now. paid my water bill, got food in the cupboards and tomoro I will be huggin a big bottle of Jack. and playing Ozzy, Motorhead and Rammstein rather loud, lol.....ROCK N ROLLLLLLLLL.....xx

Lol, this made me smile. It is amazing how peace of mind can actually make us feel better metally if not physically xxxxx


So pleased for you after such a difficult time you have had to endure, Very best wishes and hope things now are getting better .

love you

bumblebee57 in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I really appreciate all the support Ive had on here and other sites. I think sticking together and helping each other is such a big help. Thats what I call FRIENDS. xx

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