Hi Everyone Quick Update

As most of you might know about my claim for PIP this is a quick update

I have been phoning DWP everyday since ATOS told me they sent my claim to the DWP for a dessision anyway a nice lady maureen phoned me on wednesday to tell me what was happening that she had made the dessision but that it had to go to management to be approved and that she would phone me back on friday so all day i sat by the phone waiting for my call finally the call came at 3.42pm but i was in the toilet and couldnt get to the phone quick enough so message went to answerphone so listerned to my message and woop woop my claim has been approved and i should get my brown envelope middle of next week which will tell me what i will be getting. But most importently i have been taken serious and belived and that in it self has been a wonderfull feeling...

So to everyone of you that has sent me kind messages of support over these last few months thank you

Gentle Hugs to you all

Gilly xxxx

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  • I am so delighted for you well done! Have a good day.


  • That's excellent news....gilly....take good care...

  • excellent, great news

  • That's good news indeed. Well done.

    Tannels x

  • So refreshing to hear some good news for a change. Being taken seriously is a major factor in this disease. Really pleased for you x

  • Welldone

  • great news, all the best.

  • Great news xxx hugs angie xx

  • Fantastic news Gilly I'm really pleased the anguish is over for you, now you can relax a little :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • So that's what the noise was you whooping away.

    So very pleased for you. It is nice to hear a bit if good news.

    I believe they always come in threes.

    I suggest you be on the alert for more.

    At very least buy a lottery ticket.

    Good Luck.

  • Thats great really pleased for you. :) Hubby and me get the grilling for pip on the 19th :( Not looking forward to it.

  • Good luck Sue << :) >>

  • Well done that's great news! Fingers crossed I get the same result (eventually!).

    Gentle hugs xx

  • i have just been sent forms to ask dwp to look atmy disability claim again because alot of things have changed and i need alot of help.. don,t know if i will be successful but i can but try. just hope i can get some help. i have recieved a food voucher off my landlord for the first time in my life and i was very glad of it because i only eat 4 days a week and i know what it is to go hungry, and i still do, so i will fill in the form they sent me and hope they will sort it out, because i have been really illl since christmas. life at the moment is not worth living, and i have had some bad flare ups.. but don,t know where to turn

  • Hello Sylvia I am so very sorry to here about your troubles it must seem that the world has stopped for you ..... hear me when I say things to come together with time its just the waiting that makes us feel so low sometimes. Where abouts are you Sylvia surely somewhere there is a Church or group that can help you with food etc ... Where are you sylvia if I may ask , food banks are opening everywhere do to the poor state we are in has a country , also do you have a local Church ? Priests are good at directing you or someone else in the Church they even may have a lunch club ( which are mainly free) for you to go and a hot meal and company .

    These are just thoughts my friend

    I wish you the best of luck

    Takecare Sylvia

    Katheryn x

  • I'm echoing Suzy1's reply Gilly. So good to be taken seriously and the cash will come in handy too!! Well done.x

  • I'm so pleased for you, what a weight lifted from your shoulders, well done for hanging in there :-)

    Foggy x

  • Well chuffed for you Hun xxx

  • Great to hear someone has some good news :)

  • Hearing someone's good news is so uplifting. Good for you :) :D

  • Hi Gillyb59 that's fantastic news.

    Take care

    sully xxx

  • that's great news,im pleased for you xx

  • Awee well done hunni.xx ♥ just delighted for you.justice has been done.xx

  • Excellent news for you.



  • Many CONGRATULATIONS to you Gilly. I know it sounds a ridiculous thing to congratulate you on but WELL DONE!! It is great to hear some positive, good news about these DWP Decisions for a change!!

    It is bad enough having to endure this debilitating, heart breaking illness of Fibro with out the indignantly of suffering and "people" who don"t believe you!

    Best Wishes to you.

    God Bless

    Betty Baby x

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