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Left side hands and bad facial discomfort :-(

Yesterday caused personal arguments at home :-(

Mainly because i feel a burden and that i am MOANING it is difficult when you not been going through it for yrs (which i dont know how uou cope and i guess there is no end)!!! 2 yrs of constant agony and i dont disclose everything !

Last year i got so many things and electric shocks in my face and brushing teeth and using hands and eating. This year its horrible aching stinging and shooting pains i suffer both sides of face just like everything elsr on body, but my left side is worst! (why they finding hard to diagnose i guess lol)my jaw and above my teeth on gums my left side of face and left eye and my ear but that comes and goes. I have had sinus problem since feb which then radiated round my face so i was given momentasone a nasal steroid . Little relief if any but now 4 months down line still suffering was in tears half of yesterday with it nearly wanted to go hospital lol as i woke all left side burning stinging from neck to foot and felt a horrible feeling even holding a glass or a cup the weakness and band feeling then as teatime came ohh i couldnt even remember if taken my meds so really suffered my hands are stinging aching feeling too. I ended on wine last nite to try kill it as i read they inject alcholol in jaw lol (i should stop reading) so thought why not try alcholol?!? Dint wrk i will say had pills and went to bed midnight i have had 5 hours sleep broken but i know today is going to be the same!! I have woke the same booo.

I was that bad and argued and cried i even deleted hubby from FB as he said all i talk about is wrk wrk and my illness ... Welll am sorry but maybe you should take my mind OFF it so sulked in bedroom alllll afternoon and night lol.

He is good he does 90% of everything except girls bedrooms and half bathroom lol i just felt he was sayin put ip and shut up! Hormones i guess as ladies things aswell which is when i suffer the MOST a flare every single month puts me in bed and nearly every wkend i have som time in bed as worn out from focusing on wrk. Its like my body knows i have finished so gives me no wkend to do anything. After the wkend at seaside last wk i was in bed wen came home. And ppl who dont hav a clue say ohh you been lazy lol nooo its cos am flaming suffering!!! To enjoy anything these days usualy puts me in bed i hate it and i am trying not to get depressed about all.

Well rant over and how are your wkends xxxxxxxxx what have you done huggly wugglys xxxxxx

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oh gentle dyslexic hugs honey yes i think being in pain and very tired can cause huge problems in home and relationships and familys ..i know i feel a lot more stropy .. i was in the pictures the other day and the pain but the time the film was finished i was evil so we rowed all the way home ..about his lack of support with my life illness ect ..

its so so hard i am really awair my story does not help.. but be kinder to your self .. has he read books or info on the effects of FMS ? have you you tryed the story about spoons ( )

take care of your self x gentle dyslexic hugs


im so sorry you are having a hard time , but i do understand , i have fascial problems to manly on my left side, i have a contiual twitch and pins ans needls, , it drives me mad, my right side i have the pins and needles the most and when it starts my face goes numb and for a few seconds i dont know were i am , have had to stop driving when this happens it can last for days, as for the pain well you now what thats like , has your patner ever spent the time to read all about fm , i had to get my husband to, as he was very imatent with me , but understands now and is helping more, , ask him to have a good read of it all , he may start to understand ,good luck , and i hope things get better for you, sue hugs xxxx


i really feel for you it can be soooo difficult hope you start to feel a little better soon.



Just to say i totally sympathise with you.

My right leg is the one that hurts the most and i get very bad sciatica that side but it is my left side of my face and my left arm i have most problems with. I suffered complete paralysis a few weeks back in that side and was admitted to hospital with suspected stroke.

It wasnt. They diagnosed haemmorhagic migraine but since being released my arm has gone 3 times, completely useless, feels like burning up from inside but have no senses on it at all. Will not do as i want it to. My face tingles on that side and feels like i have had a dental injection.

It is happening regularly now and i disagree with the doc diagnosis as 2 times it has happened i havent had a headache even never mind a bad migraine.

I have no idea why my left side is affected worse or like this. But i am glad it is my left side as although frustrating when i cant feel my face or use my arm i am right handed so it doesnt stop me doing too much.

Just keep insisting it gets checked out. I am!

I hope today is a little happier for you. xx


Truly thankyou for comments as it does help when others share, because you feel like your going mad and blinking hypochondriac for amount of problems had! Kialaya i went out special occasion and drank sime rose and my left arm was like you say, so scared me that alcholol could do that as that arm that side was the one playing up but the feeling of numbness is better than the throbbing, stinging burning pain. 3 special occasions i have been out in past year and either my speech, leg arm has gone! Guess why this wkend the discomfort of my left side of face and brain i wanted to take my eye out lol and the left side of body arm/leg and right hand wrists back of hands, so i thought well i will have a drink see if that numbs it but it did not wrk!! Only a couple as just cannot drink. I had no idea if had meds either.

I do not understand how they do not know what problems are after many centuries of research and other people having illnesses, as so many names are given to similar problems.

I wrked in pharmacy and yes you get proprietry and generic like kellogs and supermarket own brand.

Like different apples, different oranges they all belong to same group doing same job but because of colour, flavour where from they have different names.

It amazes me and why it takes or can take years to diagnose(yes because they dont wanna make mistakes) yet you have amazing internet technology and type in your symptoms etc and hey presto theres an answer instantly, yet takes them yrs d'oh . I have been pretty spot on with things in past but this time they are really taking the schmicheal as its getting worse and needs controling in my opinion.

If i come off meds ( which had a decent day and took nothing) by evening and rhe next day my whole body felt almost disabled and had no strengths and energies and i felt rough with it. So i know the meds are controling it but the strength needs to be higher and injections are needed on monthlys or flare ups i will swear this as nothing helps a flare up! The tears i cried this wkend is not what any of us want and when still going to wrk u never know whats coming next?!?!? Ohhh she always off sick ( i used to hear the office gossip in past as i would go through phases over yrs of being ill) and then nothing for a couple yrs whatever. Lifes a bizza ! Now it makes sense. But in all fairness feeling this way can be scarey as i begin to start thinking 'will i make it to 50'!! The way things going Hence why i finding other people with the same problems . Did i completely divert subject again lol sorry!!! Eerk xxxxxxx huggles and you shpuld all make sure you ask, print info out and give to GP's and say ya know look this is what we find so why do you say different?!? . I keep a diary! Daily as i dont go doctors all time but i forget sometimes what had to mention. Xxxhuggles


Ps i lucky i wrk for myself but at this moment intime as it has been it does not pay at all . Customers rely on me already lost half custom. I say to my Gp i provide a service for lots of Dr's and say would you want me in this condition?!?! You want fit healthy and some one who not going to cause breakages or not do job properly! X


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