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very quiet tonite on here!! ? but maybe everyone suffering the same?!

feel bit bad i posting that i am due my monthly but i have never been in my bed so much and suffering is awful! its wet and damp weather ! LEEDS weather British weather :-(

was rudely woken with sever pelvic pain needed a wee wee and relieved then rushed back again and again to loo , alll day my pelvic area my legs, hands, tiredness, weakness and facial burning round my face and my jaw ohhh what a Bank HOliday!

There is festivals going on too which had invites to and not been in the mood at all.

I keep smiling as when you have kids you have to !!! and pretending your ok but it is hard work you do not know whether to laugh or cry :-( ..........:-) just no energies and the strength and weakness is unreal the neck muscle spasms and nauseus too cruel you are so

FAB !!! which is an abbreviation in my book i will let you guess! hehe

We try to do things the best we can. Making a cuppa to me to day is a chore! as much as my lovely hubby will do it for me i am not unable to i just cannot be bothered as not feeling up to it.

I have a wkend to london and at monment as so much i wanna catch up with the girls i not up to it as i not the 'old' me dancing around and jumping on the bed and putting the extensions in and pampering how i look anymore i cannot be bothered.

it shows since hubby says to me 'sweetheart i think your hair needs washing and colouring' since he knows i am the sort that is proud of how i look !!!

i just not into it anymore??

ohh back to work tomoro!!! not feeling it at all and i run the business! :-( feeling low already had one break down this wkend proper heartbroken break down

Sorry guys we alll have our moments i guess and i have things i determined to do too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Im sorry to hear.and,really hope things feel alot better tomoz for you.

I feel for you loads.and wish i could say more to help.x


aww thanks sammy !! :-) we all have moments am not tearful at moment but keep saying laugh or cry ! dunnooo what to do with myself..this rubbish has been constant chronic rubbish and wish it would go to some horried criminal (inever wish anything on anyone) but as you know being a sufferer when you suffer you suffer lol

ohhhh tomoro is another day :-) xxxx hope you doing ok ..i just get flares every month it seems and just wanter what is the next flare going to be!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


bless you , hope you pick up real soon, remember tomorrow is always fresh to start again tc love soma xx


aww soma just what am saying its awful as you know when its bad its rough!!! xxxxxthank you so much though ..back to lyrics soon hehehe hmm just letting some of it off to those that understand helps!! xxxxx my hubby talks and my kids but i do not or try not to say much i say am ok!! but inside huh.. my hubby put a status on his fb as i am away next wkend say .. think of a lovely egg that is smooth and looks healthy and then yu crack it to find its its rotten inside ..something like that it shed a tear to me bless him xxx


So sorry Fairy that you are having a rough time of it at the moment. We are all here for you and care about you. A day can feel endless when we've had enough can't it, but hang on in there because tomorrow is a brand new day and hopefully it will be much better for you.

The best thing about our forum is that you don't have to explain yourself, we all understand as we've all been there. Feel free to pour it all out, it helps!

It's all so exhausting and frustrating. Don't be too hard on yourself, you aren't well and you're feeling the strain today. Make sure you get enough rest and hopefully you will pick up and feel a bit more positive in a day or two. I

It sounds like your hubby understands by his comments about your hair. He knows if your hair is how you like it, you will feel better. That's his masculine way of trying to steer you in the right direction, which is really sweet. He obviously really loves you.

Take care Fairy, we are here for you to lend an ear, to support you where we can. Here's a hug.


Sorry to hear you are feeling so rotten Fairy, I suppose the weather will brighten up soon just in time for the kids to go back to school. I swear the summer holidays were always dry and sunny when I was a kid in the 60's and 70's.

Since your flares are connected to the time of the month it might be worth looking at some popular period remedies if they don't interfer with your usual medication eg vitamin B, evening primrose oil and see if they help at all.

((((( gentle hugs )))))

Julie xx


hi and dont apologise for having a moment this is what the site is for isnt it bless you where we can come and have a rant

i do feel for you it is hard with fibro but to have a family anda business to run too it is twice as hard then some days as you say the simplest of tasks are marathons arent they?

i think you have a wonderful husband and it sounds like he loves you to bits and that is nice he wants to see you how you were bless him but still loves you for who you are now which is nice

i do hope you feel better after your rant ? i always do lol oh well been up an hour it is now 5.15 am lol you know how it is with this thing

love to you diddle xxxx


Gentle hugs sounds as if you need a shoulder to cry on at the moment - take heart it will pass some times we just need to say exzctly what we want and need to and this is such a brilliant space to do it. Hope you are feeling a bit better thiss morning :) x gins


Oh you poor love. I could cry for your because I am experiencing the same thing. I have exactly the same symptons as yourself so know what yu are going through. At the moment, jaw neck face eye are giving me hell. I am retired now thank god - had to because of ME/FM/CS and numerous other things,would be here all day if I carried on. Thank goodness my family is now grown up. I'm lucky in that I have m y husband to help me, but they never do things the way you would like them done,but thats by the by now as that's the last of my worries. There's nothing as important as your health.

Quite a lot of us on here seem to have had a bad time this year,may be because of this arbloody awful weather we;ve had. But I really reallyam sorry to here how bad you are feeling a fully empathise with you. The medical profession has a lot to answer for these days as they just don't want to know and trying to get a GP to visit these days is a complete waste of time. Some days when I'm so exhausted and in excrutiating pain my husband has to drive me down to the surgery. Husband had to go away for 2 days lasrt week and I was really poorly with IBS so had to ring GP and he rang me back and just told me to increase my painkillers.( By the way I am 75 and has ME since l989.} I wonder who brought this legislation re visiting patients in. I can remember when the Nhs first came in,but even before that the old fashioned doctor still came out to you,albeit you had to pay for him to do so,which in those days was about 3/6p. In todays money 17.5p. But at least them came out. I suppose that,s why there were so many old remedies about.

Sorry, gone off the subject, but I do get carried away as with not seeing many people these days (everyone disappears when you become ill dont you find).

Take it easy love and just weather the storm and when you have a good day dont go made,like I used to do. If you dont feel your well enough to do anything,well dont do it. There's only one of you. And I do hope your children will come to undertstand,if they dont already, it's not your fault that you're having to contend with this horrible,horrible illness.

Thinking of you.



I just want to say a massive Thank uou!!!!

Truly amazing support!

You alll too have moments and each have a lot the same but i guess its the unpredictability of when something new or old will flare or how bad the titedness will be and the aches and pains and throbbing nerves and neck, back , feet, face problems, so many more.

On top of it you have other things to go with it too.

Is it harder when your new to it and dealing with it or does it just taken over your brain for life?!?

Your amazing ppl and you like me manage the best you can!

Any of you can inbox if having a moment yourselves. X

Yes love my business with a passion but when you can no longer do the main part of the job that is hard! As its a package its also your mind aswell as much as your in denial that this is happening to YOU !

There is always something that you reflect back at depending how badly you suffer.

How did i do that, i could of done that.

You have to keep strong! But sometimes keeping strong can overload you and then like Buckaroo!! You explode.

I feel bad as i cried infront of my 11yr old but she left the room whilst hubby comforted me.

I am angry and frustrated!!

Business is half what it was so income is a quarter as i paying the girls. Like my accountsnt said... Maybe if i give up i could get enough in allowances???

I just do not want to give up yet as am in denial slightly that i WILL get better but i am seeing the progression and if it carries on at this rate i see wheelchair in next couple yrs i feel it and sense it!!

Funny i had a reading in 2010 by samantha who read lady dianas and was rite about her.

She said she saw a wheelchair! I been told this twice now ..

I must fight . Think that fighting though is making me worse!!!

Reference to friends huh so so true... On end of fone if you need me is one thing but where is the old being with you time .

Those that care are there!!! Not just once a blue moon.

I have contemplated walking out on my marriage , so then my hubby has no choice but to move on as he is fit only odd things.

I have offered him to walk but he won't

This way he does not have to carry me i will manage!

Theres other things too.

Well another long blog blog

Tired hehe

Xxxxxxxxxbig hugs everyone xxx


Hi fairy I noticed my flairs were worse at period time but I also noticed period pains were getting worse over time and my period were lasting longer and longer it got to a point where It was a month long in other words continual I was curled up in bed in pain my husband would ask if there was anything he could do but of cause there wasn't so he got very worried my girls were worried so I took the only corse of action left to me I had a hysterectomyi now have

Minimal abdominal pain I still get the odd flair but nowhere near what they were good luck gentle hugs. Sithy


Thanks siffy its awful the suffering.

I get half decent day on the day it happens then it is just suffering!

I think Dr's know the pattern they just wait you to beg!!

So fed up of back n forth living in that place.

Really happy you have some better relief,

Blimey am self employed so woukd have money if did have one,

Will just have to see how it goes! Maybe it would change me lol.

You like me good hubby and kids which is good support

Instead of stop moaning.

Am suffering rite now in waves arrgh flushing and nauseus.

And all other stuff on top xx

Hugs to you and thanks every little help helps xxx


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