Bad day today

Woken by Annie last tired,let both dogs out and wanting to go back to bed.took them out at 7 for their walk.not too far but a pleasant walk thru woods.a carpet of gold (leaves).got home-ached and hurt so much- back to bed.managed to clean my pantry.not use hands-swollen stinging. And tingling.knees achy from cysts wearing support bandages for a while til they became itchy.left foot is stinging(nerve pain??)and sore where have bone growth at base of small toe.went to bed in pm as normal so fit enough to take dogs out not that my BUster wanted to go far-just to the leisure centre field and just one enough to do what they needed.both dogs off food today.concerns for buster as he is aging and his behaviour has changed.he's not wanting food til evening and he is constantly whining or whimpering.think Annie senses it as she has refused food today and has a permanent look of concern on her face,so tired after taking dogs out even tho not far at all had dinner and had to go to bed to lie down as Annie collared the sofa.getting frustrated cos aching and in pain so much I wasn't able to do even a little but of stitxching.time for meds and bed,guess I'll be woken again at 5.30!!.dogs aren't affected by clocks changing.

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  • Anbuma, I love your cartoon; it *is* so true, our animals love those soft places just like we do. The worst part is we can't bring ourselves to move them over! Sometimes if I'm not paying attention, I'll sudden realize that my Siamese mix cat has climbed up on me. How 'dat happen?

    I just got over a tough spell myself. I am so sorry you are having a bad day. I hope you will get some sleep and feel good in the morning. Maybe meditate on that lovely carpet of gold? It sounds wonderful.

  • Hope that you can get a good restful and regenerative sleep anbuma3.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • I didn't mean to smile & it's the right kind of knowing smile .....I have every sympathy with you - dogs and all! I just had to go up to the moors and breath as everything's keeping me in & my home shouldn't be my prison. I took my painkillers prior as I was determined to enjoy the first part of my (very short walk) and it was heaven. That was it mind you ! Been suffering since & so has Ruby - she's obviously (lab/pointer cross) ingested something that's had her poorly but went through everything my iPad told me short of the VET ( ESA means can't afford many of them a year). All vitals were within normal range - no adder bites apparent - so it's been R&R since Sunday. Today is wash everything day - she's a roller and she was covered in everything imaginable that lives on land and stinks & every creatures that lives on the river banks. Short of this she makes me smile & laugh - warns me quite a while prior to all my other bits coming on ..... she just won't leave my side & pesters me (& believe me she'd rather be running round flushing out deer). It's just so good when someone says - oh I'll come with you because, as Sunday, she gets to be a wild animal. Not sure where that came from. !!!!

  • Ruby sounds an absolute character just the type of dog I adore. If our Brandy could get up to something she would and was like a gannet as far as eating things that weren't good for her we reckon it was because she was a rescue dog and was probably out on the streets for some time as she was very thin when we got her you could see all her little ribs. I do miss having a dog for company. Just a thought do you have a PDSA centre or similar anywhere near where you live as they will look at your dog for free if you are on benefits.x

  • Bless Brandy - It's amazing that the majority of dogs rescued, so easily forgive us humans. But many land on their feet & they're so worth it. I was on PDSA down here as I was on IB as my shoulders had completely locked up. I went back to work & the next time I went back onto IB again ( not sure why ) I applied to the PDSA and was declined: reason given was because I'd gone back to work in the first place. Duh !!!! It wasn't as if I'd changed dogs or cats for that matter. Mine is not to reason WHY ...etc - Perhaps I should try again as this was yonks ago !

    Does anyone know of a PDSA CENTRE around the Newton Abbot Devon area please. Thx Rosewine


  • Hi Ann

    Just looked at the PDSA website for you and the nearest one seems to be Plymouth. It looks as though from their blurb that you have to be eligible for either housing or council tax benefit. Hope that this is of some help to you.x

  • That is so true.when I adopted Buster I didn't know of him or his history other than that he had bitten a child who was aggravating him..he chose me.I met him on the beach after seeing his PIC on the kennels website and collected him from his foster home on two week trial and he stayed.I hadn't seen him about before and found out his previous owner lived a few streets away.they are forgiving as despite his history he was always pleased to see his previous owner.ii thought he musthave been mistreated as he wouldn't let me touch his back he quite regularly wants to go by his oldhouse to see her.the husband will go back in the house if he sees buster but the woman always comes out to greet him his tail goes 19 to the dozen.

  • Oh wonderful - a happy ending. I had to find an 'Adult' home for a stray I'd rescued because if it's bitten a child one - it'll more than likely do it again. He gave them years of happiness. Yup will definitely call the PDSA - it'll be one worry off my mind! Thank you all so much x Ann

  • When Buster first came to me the little girl across the road came into my garden to play ball with buster and he did bite her hand.he was so quick- I didnt known then that he had a history but that was then one and only time.time heals and he hasnt got into his old ways.kthey just need to be taught it is unacceptable.

  • Oh my neighbours dog - he was a rough collie used to do that & she had him from a pup - She had to move him on to a farm at 10 months old. It's the 'working' dog in them - they're very intelligent & need so much mental & physical challenge. Whereas her next was a collie cross bitch & she's made a great pet. We can make excuses for them (I can't trust Ruby whereas my one before called Nala - a chocolate Lab brought my grandchildren up). At the end of the day they're descended from wolves - wild animals we actually shouldn't ever trust them 100% love them ! Ann

  • I agree with rose wine.can you register her with the costs £7.50 admin fee and they normally request a donation.when I lived in Kent the PDSA allowed you to register up to 3 pets but where I am now it is may depend on area but more likely the rules have changed.

  • Aww god u sound like u need a hug xxx they do take up a lot your time I know my dog does xxx

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