I have had some great news this week!!

I have finally got the date for my right hip to be totally replaced and I am due to go in to hospital on 20th June. It has been a long battle to get there because of trying to lose weight I had gained after I stopped working because of the fibro and my back being so painful. It then came to light that I had also got OA in both hips and it has gotten so bad that necrosis is involved and both hip joints have collapsed. I am so pleased to be finally on the way towards getting some mobility back in the first hip as I have been so disabled by it and been in a wheelchair almost all the time for the last 3 years apart from in the last few months when I began to be able to walk painfully and slowly and in a very strange fashion with a wheeled walker as I was determined that after losing 5 stone to get to this position that I needed to do what I could to strengthen my muscles back up. It may only be just around the bungalow on good days but it is better than not trying for sure. I just wanted to share my good news.

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  • so pleased for you and your guts and determination have paid in the end please keep us posted we really care butterfly hugz.

  • Thank you so much and I will keep you posted on how things are going. I am on antibiotics at present as they found a water infection when I had my pre-op so hopefully that will clear up by the end of the week and the next test will be clear. It is not easy trying to not get anything before the admission when we are like we are is it lol ((((hugs))))) to you to. xx

  • Wow, you have worked so hard to get to where you're at. My dad let his knee go for so long that necrosis set in there too and the surgeon thought for a while there was not enough left to attach the new knee to but luckily that got fixed. You have done amazingly well and I do think strengthening the muscles is a very good idea. It makes recovery so much quicker. I can't get over you losing 5 stone while you have fibro - I don't know how you did it but you are a real inspiration. I've put on about a stone in the last year - not that much for me, I've always gone up and down but it's been activity that's sorted that out for me in the past and I find more than just basic activity really difficult at the moment.

    Congratulations on getting a date and not too far away. The very best of luck Suzy.

    Whippet x

  • Thank you so much Whippet and glad your dad did manage to get his repaired in the end as it must have been touch and go. The weight loss has not been easy with not being able to use any energy of any worth but I have a very supportive husband who has helped me all the way through and he cooks all the food. He worked with me to work out a low calorie diet and we counted calories and weighed and measured all the way through. I did start the diet off at well below the calories I should have been on at 700 a day but I do not advocate anybody else does this because it was a long story as to why we did it and I won't bore you all with it but after seeing the dietician she made me go up to 1200 eventually but I did stay more round the 1000 mark most of the time. I did allow myself to have a meal with family if we went out and then I would just let my hair down and have a pudding too if I had enough room and that has helped to stop the boredom, I am sure that you will soon lose the weight when you are ready to but be careful not to let it go on too far before you do as it is a lot harder to get off than to put on. I have always had a weight problem since being a child but when I was working as a carer in peoples homes I managed to keep my weight down to a fair to middling level but ended up going right up to 21 and half stone at my worst and before I found out I was diabetic, lost 2 stone then when I was trying to change the way I was eating. Then spent another year not being able to do anymore till we were about to embark on gastric banding which thankfully I have now been able to avoid. Just watch portion sizes is the best advice I can give you because that is what was wrong with my diet because other than that I had always eaten a very healthy diet and only now and again had a takeaway for a special occasion. Take care and thanks again, Love and hugs Suzy xx

  • well done you have done brill. I to have put on weight since having to give up work cause of fibro. will power not very good. All the best for your op. and a speedy recovery. keep in touch. soft hugs xx

  • well done suzyindahouse youv done brilliantly to lose the weight and all the best for your op x

  • I just wanted to wish you well, you have done brilliantly to loose weight, good luck with your op and i hope you have a speedy recovery, many hugs.

  • Thank you all for your well wishes and I will let everyone know how things go along once I have been in and had the op. I must admit with the weight loss it has been so nice to see my slimmer figure in the mirror and it will be even better if I can get another 5 stone off when I have had both hips done and I can have more chance to exercise more. I actually bought a Xbox 360 Kinnect a few months ago as I had hoped I might be able to do some of the movement games from a sitting position to get some exercise but it was not to be as it wouldn't work properly like that but I have it for later on and at least we can have fun using it then and in the meantime my grandchildren can use it when they come to visit. I get all these ideas but they often are not very well thought through lol. Still I would get top marks for trying I reckon lol. Hugs to you all and I hope you are all having comfortable days and lovely sun like I have had here today. xx

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