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Had some sad news today

Sad day today. one of my son's good friends, dad has passed away, very suddenly, not even 40. Leaves behind, his wife, son 14 and daughter 4. I always find these times very upsetting for those who are left behind.

I have had very reflective day so far today and I can honestly say that most of the time I am a very positive person who tries to love and live life. I have a few things that I would really like to do, one of which is to live in the country with a small plot of land for my dogs and a few extra animals, not much in the grand scheme of life. But more important to me today is my family and my loved ones and remembering how lucky I am xx


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Hi jaxx,

I am sorry, times like these do make you realise how lucky we are for having family. I wouldnt swap mine for the world. Leaving young kids behind, the thought of it breaks my heart.

My partner lost his dad at 18, he wasnt a child but it kills him everyday.

Thats is why he is such a good dad to our kids, so some good came out of it.

hugs, kel xxx

Sorry to hear your sad news JaxxL. It is sad that hearing these things make us realise how good we have it...and how easily it can all be taken away.

(((big hugs)))

Big hug & lots of Love to you & your friend & children. xxx

I feel for you i really do. I have just lost someone close and another is just days away from leaving us. I cant stop crying very selfishly i have to say. One day i would take his place to get me out of here and to save them and another day i cry all day at the thought of being away from my beautiful boys.

Life is too short and i try every morning when i wake to find something positive in my life and pray for my friends family life is so hard its horrible sometimes xxx

Thanks everyone......these hard days are sent to try us....and keep us getting stronger.

love and hugs to everyone :)


Sorry to hear that its always at someones door


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